***Spooky October***

Important Dates:  October 8-12- First Quarter Testing (Good attendance is important this week.)

October 15- No School, Parent/Teacher Conferences  (Sign up sheet  will be posted outside the classroom door.)

October 31- Halloween Party/Fall Festival  (Notes will be going home about this, please sign up to help outside the classroom.)

Student of the Month:  Andrew Rohr 

Show and Tell:  October 5-  Something Yellow

October 12-  A Fruit (such as an apple, banana, pear, etc.  We will be making a fruit salad.)

October 19-  Free Choice

October 26-  Something spooky

Language Arts:  This month we will be starting spelling tests!  Our first spelling test will be on October 4.  The way it will work:  I will send the spelling list home on Monday.  Please study with your child at home.  On Thursday, I will give a pretest.  All the kids will take the test.  Those that get 100% on Thursday will not have to take the test on Friday.  For those who do not get 100% on Thursday will take the test on Friday. 

Math:  We will continue with our curriculum.  We are going to be doing more adding and counting higher.  We are also going to be doing patterns and sorting. 

Science:  This month we are working on nutrition.  We will be discussing foods that are healthy and not healthy.  We will be sampling different fruits and vegetables this month.  Hopefully the kids will get an opportunity to try some foods that they haven’t had before. 

Social Studies:  This month we are really going to be focusing on the days of the week and the months.  We are also going to be talking about holidays and how different families celebrate them. 


***Please Note:  The weather is changing.  Sometimes it is cold in the mornings and then warms up through the day.  Please send a jacket to school.  We are required to play outside each day, as long as its warmer than 32 degrees and cooler than 100 degrees.  Please be mindful of this. 

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