***Blustery JANUARY News***

Dates to Remember:      January 1- HAPPY NEW YEAR!

January 7-11- Testing Week

 (I will be sending a copy of the testing home once it is all completed.  This will give you an idea of the concepts that you can help your child work on at home.  If you have any questions regarding the testing, please feel free to ask.)  

Student of the Month:  Connor Knernschield

Show and Tell:  January 4- Something purple

January 11- FREE CHOICE

January 18- Something you can put in water (sink/float experiment)

January 25- Something that can float in the air

February 1- Something KANSAS  (wear your favorite Kansas sport attire)

Language Arts:  This month we will be working on the “or” sound, the “sh” sound, and the “ch” sound.  Now that we are getting into blending and digraphs, spelling tests will be getting a little harder.  By working with your kids at home, you can ensure that they get the extra practice needed to score well on their test.   Spending just five minutes a day helping them with their spelling words really does make a difference.

Math:  This month we are going to be doing fast math.  The kids will be given a page of addition problems and then two minutes to complete as many as possible.  The kids try really hard to get a bunch done and each year we have a great time seeing who can get the most.  This is a kid favorite each year.   This helps them to build their addition speed and helps with problem recognition.  They learn how to quickly do math problems in a variety of ways.  We will also continue working on money values, time, place value, and measuring. 

Science:  For science this month, we are going to be learning about the properties of water, air, and soil.  The kids will be doing a sink/float experiment on January 18.  They will make predictions about whether the items will sink or float and then test them out.  We are also going to be doing an activity with gravity on January 25.  This activity will involve things that are light and heavy. 

Social Studies:  This month we are learning about important people in our history, including Martin Luthor King Jr.  We will be reading about his life and how his actions affect us today.  This is also the month to celebrate Kansas’ Birthday.  We will be learning all about Kansas and even having a Kansas Birthday Party. 

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