January News

January 7-11: TESTING WEEK (Attendance is important)

Anantho Byler – Anantho is helpful to his friends and loves to assist in the classroom.

Jan 7-11: Black History

Jan 14-18: Kansas History
Jan 21-25: Black History (Jan 21 Martin Luther King, Jr Observance)
Jan 28-Feb 1: Kansas History

SHOW-N-TELL (Must be small enough to fit in their desk or book bag)
Friday, Jan 11: Free Choice 
Friday, Jan 18: Free Choice
Friday, Jan 25: Free Choice

LANGUAGE ARTS We will be working on the lettesr E, F, G, H, and I for the month by recognizing both upper and lower case letters, as well as tracing and writing the letters correctly. They will also learn to identify words that begin with the letter of the week. And we will continue to reinforce singing and saying the alphabet. The children will learn to recognize the letters in their name as well as write their names correctly by writing the first letter uppercase and the following letters in lowercase.

MATH We are in the process of counting up to 100. We will start by counting to 50 and work our way up to 100. We are also learning to count backwards from 12 to 1 and counting to 100 by 5s. I am also starting to introduce telling time on the top of the hour to the children. The children will also learn to count to 10 and say their color words in spanish.

SCIENCE/SOCIAL STUDIES For science we are going to examine air and water in the classroom by reading stories and discussing how we use them in our world. For social studies, the children will learn all about Kansas History and Black History with a variety of activities.

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