April News

NO SCHOOL Teacher In-Service: 
Friday, April 19 

STUDENT OF THE MONTH Ayden Gore – Ayden is a great helper and enjoys learning at school!

April 1-5: Plants 
April 8-12: Transportation 
April 15-19: Communication 
April 22-26: Creation

SHOW-N-TELL (Must be small enough to fit in their desk or book bag)
I allow the children to bring in an item that they like to share. It does not need to be theme based.

LANGUAGE ARTS This month we are working on rhyming words, as well as spelling and writing our last names. We are starting to work on color sight words, including gray, green, blue, brown, white, red, purple, pink, orange, black, and yellow.

MATH  The children are doing a great job counting to 100, but we will continue to work on this. We are also going to work on patterns, basic geometric shapes, number recognition, and coin values.

SCIENCE/SOCIAL STUDIES For Science, the children are going to learn about plants, the difference between solids and liquids, discover the life cycle of a butterfly, and discuss the attributes of Spring.

For social studies, they are going to learn about how transportation helps us, why communication is important, and how to improve our environment.

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