***Fabulous February News***

Important Dates:  Feb. 14-  Valentines Party

Feb. 17- NO SCHOOL


Student of the Month:  Audrey Smith


Show and Tell:  Feb.  7- Something PINK

  Feb. 14-  A MAP

Feb. 21- Free Choice

Feb. 28-  A MAGNET


Language Arts:  This month we will be learning about the “er,” “ir,” and “ur” sound.  These sounds are all the same, but all three spellings of it will be on the same spelling test.  This will be the hardest spelling test so far.  Please help your child study for it at home.  We will also be learning about double consonants, like “gg” and “dd.”  We will be learning that double consonants only make one sound.  The last week of the month we will be learning the long o sound, spelled “ow” and “oa.” 


Math:  This month we will be continuing to build on the concepts that we have already begun.  We have now reached over 100 days of school and EVERY child was able to count to 100 by themselves!  Now we will be focusing on every child being able to count to 100 by 10s, 5s, and 2s.  We will begin with 10s, and then work on the other two.   Almost every child can already count by 10s, so I don’t anticipate that taking too long.  We are also going to be doing more work with place value this month, now that we have reached 100.  The kids are all doing well with fast math.  Some of them have already reached the adding 3 page.  We are going to continue doing fast math. 


Science:   This month we will be learning about machines.  We will be talking about the different types of machines that you can use, such as gears, incline planes, and pullys.  We are also going to be talking about magnets, and magnetic pulls. 


Social Studies:  This month we will be learning to read a map.  We will make maps of the classroom.  We will be playing games that help learn about reading maps.  This month we will also be learning about the presidents.  The kids will learn about George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Barak Obama.  We will be talking about what the president’s job is and how government works. 

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