***September News***

Important Dates:  September 1- No School/Labor Day

Student of the Month: Weston Martin

Show and Tell Schedule: 

September 5- Free Choice

September  12- Free Choice

September 19- Hat

September 26- Something blue

Language Arts:  This school year has gotten off to a great start.  We are going to be finishing up our letter review in September.  The students should have a fairly solid foundation of letters and sounds by the last week of September.  The last week, the 22-26, we are going to be starting our regular lessons.  This week homework begins.  The students will bring home a homework packet the Friday before and have the whole week to complete the homework and bring it back.  This homework packet contains their weekly spelling words.  Please use this to help your child practice at home.  Practice at home really helps to improve a child’s confidence at test time and helps them to do better on the test.  The homework will also contain the sight words that your child will be learning that week.  Please help them practice the sight words at home as well.  The more sight words they can read the faster and more fluent readers they become. 

Math:  We have already begun our regular math lessons.  We have started off with simple math, but as the months go on, the harder they will become.  The students are going to be learning to recognize and write their letters, as well as count, add, and use tally marks.  They will also start to recognize coin values.  Starting the last week of September we are going to be doing fast math as well.  Students will be given two minutes to complete as many addition problems as they can.  This is also a class favorite.  The students enjoy competing at trying to get the most correct. 

Science:  This month we are going to be studying the human body.  We will be discussing the types of body parts, including the organs.  They will learn the functions of each of the major organs in their body. 

Social Studies:  This month is ALL ABOUT ME month.  The students will be focusing on themselves.  They will get to know each other as they discover more about themselves.  They will be reflecting on their own likes and dislikes.  They will also be learning about their own abilities and how they are each special and different from others. 


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