Super September

September 1 – Closed 
September 24 at 9am – Boomer Bear

 – Yoga Monday
Tuesday – Bible Tuesday
Wednesday – Movie Wednesday
Thursday – Globe Thursday
Friday – Fun Day Friday – Arts/Crafts
STUDENT OF THE MONTH – Evyn is kind, funny, and likes to use the computer.  He is great at sharing with his friends and helping them out when he can.

THEMES – Human Body/Body Parts, Human Body/Organs, All About Me, Dental

Bible – The Rainbow Promise, Tower at Pride, No More Fighting!, A Promise Named Laughter

SHOW-N-TELL – (Must be small enough to fit in their desk or book bag)  No weapons.  Please check sign in and out clipboard for weekly themes.

LANGUAGE ARTS – Sight word list below.  We will be learning five sight words each week.  We will read and write each sight word.  We are learning two letters per week, both uppercase and lowercase. We also learn letter sounds.  We will practice writing first and last names.  We will also continue saying and singing our ABC’s.  We will identify words that begin with specific letters.

MATH – We will learn number recognition 1 – 20.  We will count backwards from 10 to 0.  Rhombus is the shape of the month.  Yellow is the color of the month.  The students will also learn how to determine what is more-less-same.

SCIENCE –. We will learn to tell what is alike and what is different.  We will learn spacial concepts such as; Left and Right, Up and Down, Top and Bottom, On and Off.  We will be discussing what germs are and how to wash them away.  We will learn about how and when the weather changes.

SOCIAL STUDIES – We will learn our age and when our birthday is.  We will learn our days of the week and months of the year.  What are the four seasons? And how weather changes from season to season.

Sight Word/Reading and Writing

Week 1 – up, by, in, to, for

Week 2 – but, you, she, are, had

Week 3 – see, big, his, with, off

Week 4 – her, yes, how, was, and

Letters of the Week/Reading and Writing

Week 1 – Bb, Ee

Week 2 – Ll, Dd

Week 3 – Ss, Zz

Week 4 – Letter Review – Bb, Ee, Ll, Dd, Ss, Zz,

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