Sweet November

SHOW-N-TELL  (Must be small enough to fit in their desk or book bag) No weapons.

Show and Tell Schedule:
November 3 - 7 Begins with letters X or I.
November 10 - 14 Begins with letters G or Y.
November 17 - 21 Begins with letters Q or V.
November 24 - 28 Happy Thanksgiving!  No Show & Tell
Upcoming Events
Nov. 14 - Book Mobile     
Nov. 19 - Boomer Bear     
Nov. 27 and 28 - Closed

Monday  Yoga Monday
Tuesday  Bible Tuesday
Wednesday  Movie Wednesday
Thursday  Travel Thursday
Friday  Fun Day Friday – Arts/Crafts

STUDENT OF THE MONTHAliyana is helpful, smart, honest, and funny.  She enjoys coloring, drawing, and cutting with scissors.

THEMES – Animals:  Wild, Zoo/Farm, Domestic, Family, Thanksgiving

BIBLE – Making the Best of a Bad Situation, The Forgiving Brother, A Floating Crib, Hot Topics

LANGUAGE ARTS – Sight word list below. Every Monday, I will put a list of new sight words in each student’s folder. Please help them practice the sight words at home as well. The more sight words they can read the faster and more fluent readers they become. We will read and write each sight word. We are learning two letters per week, both uppercase and lowercase.  We will learn to isolate sounds in words.  We will learn how to finger space when writing our names and words.

MATH – Number recognition 1 – 50.  We will write numbers 1- 50. We will count backwards from 10 to 0. We will be counting 1 to 100. Square is the shape of the month. Brown is the color of the month. We will continue our Fast Math Addition. We will discuss coins and learn to identify and know the value of each coin. We will be skip counting by 10’s and 5’s. We will learn how to read and write number words 1 – 12.

SCIENCE –  We will be discussing what germs are and how to wash them away. We will learn about how and when the weather changes.  We will describe the position of an object.  We will learn that the sun gives us light and warmth.  We will learn to describe the objects in our environment.

SOCIAL STUDIES – We will learn our age and when our birthday is.  We will continue our days of the week and months of the year. What are the four seasons? And how weather changes from season to season. What are the major holidays? What do we do during these major holidays?  Customs and traditions.  Each student will learn their phone number.  Phone number worksheet will be sent home.  Please fill out and return to school.

Sight Word/Reading and Writing 

Week 1 – one, two, three, four
Week 2 – five, six, seven, eight
Week 3 – nine, ten, eleven, twelve
Week 4 – review 1-12 number words
Letters of the Week - Reading/Writing/Letter Sounds

Week 1 – Xx, Ii
Week 2 – Gg, Yy
Week 3 – Qq, Vv
Week 4 – Letter Review - Xx, Ii, Gg, Yy, Qq, Vv

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