The Imperial March

SHOW-N-TELL (Must be small enough to fit in their desk or book bag) No weapons.

Show and Tell Schedule: 
March 6 - something soft
March 13 - Parent/Teacher Conferences
March 20 - something green
March 27 - something smooth
Upcoming Events:
  • March 9 – March 12: 3rd Quarter Testing
  • March 13: No School (Parent/Teacher Conferences)
  • March 16-17: No School (Spring Break)
  • March 25:  Boomer Bear
  • March 30-April 3: Book Fair
  • April 3: Trike-a-thon / Easter Celebration
  • April 6: No School (Teacher In-Service)
Yoga Monday 
Bible Tuesday
PBS Wednesday
Travel Thursday 
Fun Day Friday - Show & Tell

STUDENT OF THE MONTH – Akul is smart, energetic and hilarious. He loves to play with trucks, cars, and computer.

THEMES – Solar System, Community Helpers
March 3 - David and Goliath
March 24 - Music for the Heart
March 31 - Solomon's Good Choice

LANGUAGE ARTS – Sight word list below.  Please help them practice their sight words at home as well. The more sight words they can read the faster and more fluent readers they become. We will read and write each sight word.  We will continue to isolate sounds in words and learn how to finger space when writing our names and words.  Locating, identifying and writing Periods, Exclamation Mark, and Question Mark.

MATH – Number recognition 1 – 100. We will write numbers 1 – 100. We will be counting 1 to 100. Trapezoid is the shape of the month. Pink is the color of the month. We will continue our Fast Math Addition. We will discuss coins and learn to identify and know the value of each coin. We will be skip counting by 10’s and 5’s.  We will begin ordinal counting and learning terms next and last.  We will begin using number lines.


SOCIAL STUDIES –  We will continue our days of the week and months of the year. What are the four seasons? And how weather changes from season to season. What are the major holidays? What do we do during these major holidays? Customs and traditions. Each student will learn their phone number.  Exploring jobs in the family.

Sight Word/Reading and Writing
Week 1 – pull, ask, has, fast 
Week 2 – Testing Week
Week 3 – no new sight words
Week 4 – use, ran, made, good
Week 5 - may, too, part, come

Letters of the Week – Reading/Writing/Letter Sounds 
Week 1 – gl
Week 2 – Testing Week
Week 3 – no new letter sounds 
Week 4 – sh
Week 5 - oo
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