Important Dates:

  • May 5- Cinco De Mayo
  • May 5- Adventure Mobile
  • May 5- Open House ( For Prospective Parents Only)
  • May 17- Boomer
  • May 30- NO SCHOOL


  • May 2-6 : Mother’s Day
  • May 9-13 : Insects
  • May 16-20 : Ocean
  • May 23- 27 : 4 Elements ( Air, Water, Fire, Soil/Dirt)
Student Of The Month:
Language Arts: This month we will be working on sounds and beginning letters. We will continue to work on writing first and last names. We will review the alphabet and writing each letter capitol and lowercase.
Math: This month we are working on more/less. Example : Give me one more, or what is one less than that number. Also we are introducing basic subtraction and addition just to get familiar with them. They are grasping it very well so far. At the end of the month we will focus on numbers through 31.
Science: This month we are going to be learning about insects.  We will be looking at insects up close.  They will be learning about how many legs and insect has and about their body parts.  We will also be learning about the ocean and what type of animals live in the ocean.  They will be learning about the four elements and different forms of water.  They are also going to be learning about sink vs. float.  
Social Studies: This month we are focusing on Moms.  We are going to be talking about the different types of moms and what makes our own mom so special to us