Important Dates:

  • July 4-8: No School/ Summer Vacation (Have a fun break)
  • July 14th: Fire Truck will be here for Fire Safety
  • July 19th: Boomer 
  • July 28th: Fire Truck will be here for Fire Safety

Student Of The Month :  Jesse H.

Show-N-Tell and Ice Cream : This will be every Friday for SUMMER ONLY so please make sure if your child needs ice cream money we get this as soon as possible so they wont miss out on this special summer treat.

Water Play: Water play will be every Tuesday and Thursday. We will be doing this with E3 classroom. Please make sure you bring their clothes with them that day and we will help put it on them. At the end of school please take their wet clothes home so you can make sure they are clean for Thursday 🙂 .

PLEASE make sure you apply sunscreen on in the mornings before school and we will reapply after nap.