***Super September***

Important Dates:  Sept. 5- NO SCHOOL, Labor Day

Sept. 12-  Adventuremobile at 2:45pm

Sept. 20- Peer Modeling at 9:30am

Sept. 21- Boomer Visits at 9:30am

Sept. 26- Adventuremobile at 2:45pm

Student of the Month- Jace A.

Show and Tell Schedule: Sept. 2- something to touch

Sept. 9- something to see

Sept. 16- something to hear

Sept. 23- something to smell

Sept. 30- something to taste

Language Arts:  This month we start our spelling tests.  We will wrap up our letter and sound review the first week of the month.  On September 14th we are going to have our first spelling test. The first two spelling tests will be over the short a sound.  The spelling list will go home the Friday before the test.  We will have tests on Wednesday and if they get the words correct they don’t have to take the test on Thursday.  However, if they don’t get 100% on Wednesday, they have the opportunity to take the test on Thursday.  This will also be our first week of homework.  Please help your child do their homework.  The homework focuses on the sight words that we are going to be learning in class.  At the end of each sight word unit they will bring home their sight word cards to practice at home as well.  

Math:  We get to start our math workbooks this month.  We will be doing math games, workbook activities, and hands on projects to reinforce the lessons.  The class will get to learn about math concepts in a spiral format, where they continue to learn about all the different concepts throughout the year as they increase in difficulty.

Science:  This month we are going to be learning about the five senses.  The class will get to experience each of the five senses in different hands on activities.  They are also going to have their unit on nutrition this month.  They will get to experience foods and learn about healthy vs unhealthy foods.  They will also learn about the different food groups.  This is always a fun unit. 

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