Student of the Month: Amora

Weekly Themes:

  • 1/29-2/2: Machines and Magnets
  • 2/5-2/9: Valentine’s Day
  • 2/12- 2/16: Animals
  • 2/19- 2/23: Animals

Important Dates:

  • 2/1: Butter Braids Fundraiser will be going out. It is due back 2/15
  • 2/14: Valentine’s Party at 3pm in our classroom
  • 2/16: No School/ Teacher In-service

LANGUAGE ARTS: This month we will be working on letters T, U,V, and W. Every Monday we will be introduced to the letter; Tuesday we will trace the letter; Wednesday we will write the letter; Thursday we will identify and review the letter sound. 

MATH: This month we will be working on numbers 20, 21, 22 and 23. Monday we will be introduced to the number; Tuesday thru Thursday we will work on the numbers in many different ways such as number identification, hands-on art projects, number correspondence, and matching.

SCIENCE: We will be learning about different animals. We will discuss where they live and what they eat. We will also be learning about machines and magnets. We will try different experiments on how magnets work. An example is putting something in water and see if the magnet can drag it across the container. 

SOCIAL STUDIES: We are continuing to learn to share our toys with our friends and not throwing them and picking up before we move to a new area. They are doing much better, but it is still something we will continue to work on. We will also be working out rules and manners

Just a little reminder for new and old parents, I will only be sending worksheets/activities home on Friday (at times I will send some home during the week). Artwork and things they do on their own will be sent home almost daily. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to speak to me at any time. I am always available to discuss your child’s individual needs.