Happy January!

Important Dates:

  • January 1st- NO SCHOOL (Happy New Year)
  • January 15th  Martin Luther King Jr Holiday – School is in session! (Calendar misprint)
  • January 17th- Adventuremobile 2:45pm
  • January 18th & 19th – Free Eye Exams
  • January 24th-  Boomer 9:30am
  • January 29th- Kansas’ Birthday
  • January 31st- Adventuremobile 2:45pm

Student of the Month:  Travis

Show and Tell:

  • January 5- A Fairy Tale
  • January 12- Free Choice
  • January 19- Something “Kansas”
  • January 26- Free Choice0


  • Fairy Tales- We will be reading fairy tales and talking about the difference between real(non fiction) and make believe(fiction). We will also be creating our own classroom fairy tale complete with pictures to reinforce our learning about authors and illustrators.
  • Black History- We are going to be learning about famous men and women of history that helped to change laws so that all people could the same rights. We will talk about Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, and the significance of Brown v. Board.
  • Kansas- We are going to be learning about the Kansas symbols in a book that will go home on that Friday. Along with that, we will learn what Kansas known for and will learn where Kansas is on a map.
  • Machines/Magnets- This will be a fun week for us. We will do a lot of hands on  activities to learn how machines are made by creating our own.

Language Arts:

We are going to really focus on learning blends and begin working on both sight words and spelling. Spelling words lists will go home every Monday and we will have tests on Wednesdays. They will be repeated on Fridays for those who do not get 100% on Wednesdays. I am also going to introduce sight words. We will do 5 a week and practice these daily during our circle time.


We will continue working on skip counting. Everyone has done an amazing job learning to skip count by 10’s so we should get the 5’s and 2’s with little issue but recognizing and writing numbers will be our main focus.


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