Upcoming Dates:

  • July 2- July 6- NO SCHOOL
  • July 9- Zoo Presentation
  • July 12- Metro Bus Presentation
  • July 16- Fred the Preparedness Dog
  • July 17- Boomer the Bear
  • July 20 -Ice Cream Truck
  • July 25- Bouncy House and Pizza Party
  • July 27- Ice Cream Truck
  • July 31st- Taco Tuesday


  • 7/9- 7/13: Yellow Food
  • 7/16-7/20: White Food
  • 7/23-7/27: Brown Food
  • 7/30-8/3: Rainbow Foods

During the summer we use a program called Power Panther. This is a curriculum that discusses trying new foods, also about Fruits and Vegetables. It has the children take two bites of each food before they say they do not want it. We will continue reviewing the stuff we learned all year during circle time each day. Every Friday we will be trying new foods that we learn about during the week for snack. 

Splash Day is every Thursday, please bring your child’s swimming stuff on Monday just incase we decide to do it another day as well. Please mark your child’s stuff with their name and placed in a bag. Remember to take it home on Friday when you take their bedding home.

If you have any questions about the summer program or about splash day please feel free to message me on Remind or talk to me at pick up or drop off. Let the summer begin :).