Kennedy Academy is a private child care, preschool, kindergarten readiness, and kindergarten program. We are located at 206 SE Lakewood Court, Topeka KS 66609.  Kennedy Academy has 3 preschool classrooms, 2 pre-kindergarten classrooms, a kindergarten readiness classroom, and a kindergarten classroom that ends the year using a first-grade curriculum. Kennedy Academy aligns all of our school testing and placement on the standards that are set by the Kansas State Department of Education. Students at Kennedy Academy are given a placement test on the first week of childcare attendance to allow the school to get a good idea of where the child is functioning developmentally and the best classroom that will fit each individual child’s needs. The school does quarterly testing on all of the children enrolled to monitor educational progress and ensure the child is in the classroom that best fits the child’s unique developmental needs.

Kennedy Academy accepts students from the ages of 2 1/2 years through kindergarten. We do not discriminate against anyone in regard to race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, physical handicap, or sex.  However, we do say a prayer of thanks before each meal and we do teach the true meaning of the Christian holidays such as Christmas and Easter.  We also celebrate all of the other holidays throughout the year.