About me

Hello! My name is Chelsea Dove. I have been with Kennedy Academy since August 2016. I am the Lead Teacher in the E1 classroom and look forward to getting to know the children and families. I have a lot of fun and exciting activities planned for the students this school year!

Happy Fall


Important Dates:

  • Oct.9- Oct. 13- Testing Week
  • Monday: Inside Out Day – Wear your clothes inside out
  • Tuesday: Dress Like an Animal Day
  • Wednesday: Crazy Sock Day
  • Thursday: Superhero/Villain Day
  • Friday: Pajama Day
  • Oct.16- No School (Parent/Teacher Conferences)
  • Oct. 27- Halloween Festival

Weekly Themes:

  • 10/2 – 10/6- Community Helpers
  • 10/9 – 10/13- 1st Quarter Testing/ Community Helpers
  • 10/16-10/20- Communication/ Transportation
  • 10/23 – 10/27 – Halloween

Student of the Month: William


  • Free Choice, 6th
  • Something Fall related, 13th
  • Something Halloween related, 20th
  • Halloween Festival: NO SHOW-N-TELL, 27th

Language Arts:

This month we will be introducing and working on learning the letters: P, I,N. Monday we introduce the letter, Tuesday we do our animated alphabet, Wednesday we trace the letter and Thursday we do some kind of review. 

Math: This month we will be focusing a lot on learning patterns. We will also be learning and doing different activities working with #’s: 11-20. 

Science/Social Studies: This month we will be learning all about Community Helpers and what they do for us and our community. We will also be learning about Transportation and the different types and what they are and what they can do for us. The last week of October we will be doing all kinds of fun activities and art to celebrate Halloween. 

Super September

Upcoming Dates:

  • September 4: NO SCHOOL – Labor Day
  • September 20: Preschool & Sibling Pics 8a-11a
  • September 21: Elementary Pics 8a-11a

Student of the Month: Kyree


Sep 1- FREE Choice

Sep 8-Something you can smell, touch, taste, see or hear

Sep 15- Something that begins with S

Sep 22- Something Blue

Sep 29: FREE Choice

Language Arts: We are starting with the letter T,t the last week of August. We will start each week with one letter. Monday we will do some kind of coloring of the weekly letter, Tuesday we will do Animated Alphabet. Wednesday will be Tracing/Worksheets and Thursday will be some type of review of the letter. 

8/28-9/1- T,t

9/4-9/8- A, a

9/11-9/15- S,s 

9/25-9/29- Review of T, A, S 

Science/ Social Studies: This month we will be learning about The Human Body, our 5 senses, and will spend two weeks on Nutrition. Each week we will discuss and do art activities that go with the weekly theme. 

Math: Each week we will spend the week learning a new concept. The first week in September we will be working with numbers 0-5. The second week we will spend learning about numbers 6-10. The last two weeks of September we will spend reviewing our numbers 0-10 and learning Patterns. 

Reminders: Please check your child’s cubby EVERY DAY. Important information, payment receipts, no-pay/no-stays along with any work from your child’s day goes into their cubbies. They are important to check every day. 

Show-N-Tell is every FRIDAY. Please do NOT bring any kind of toy on any other day. On Show-n-Tell days your child is only allowed to bring ONE toy. 

Awesome August

Important Dates To Remember:

8/4 NO SCHOOL- MEET & GREET 12-2pm 

8/7-8/11- Placement Testing

8/18-Parent Night

Weekly Themes:

7/30-8/4-Transition from Summer Program

7-11-Placement Testing

14-18-Rules & Manners

21-25-All About Me

Summer: We are finishing up our Summer curriculum. We have learned about different kinds of fruit and vegetables. We have been working so hard learning our food groups and what foods go into each groups. 

The new school year is approaching quickly, we will be transitioning into a brand new year!

Science/Social Studies: The first two weeks we will be learning all about rules and manners. New friends will learn rules for the school, and how to use our manners. The last week of August we will be learning all about ourselves, and our friends. This will help new friends get to know each other, and let them share about themselves. 

Language Arts: The first two weeks of the school year we will be doing different activities to help review over our big and little letters, and our sounds. 

Math: We will also be doing different types of activities to help review our numbers, shapes, and colors. 


Please take a moment and download the Remind app. There is a code to add Kennedy Academy to get important news and reminders from Ms. Kandice. E1, has our own class on the Remind app as well. This is the best way to get in contact with me about anything you need or have questions about. Text: @e1class to 81010 to automatically be added to our class.

Folders: Each student has a red folder in their designated cubby. These folders have a calendar on the back. Please check them daily for info about your child’s day. 

Sweet Summertime


  • NO SCHOOL: July 3 – July 7 for Summer Vacation
  • 7/13, 7/20, 7/27: Fire Department Visits Kennedy Academy
  • 7/14, 7/21, 7/28: Icecream Fridays
  • 7/18: Boomer Bear
  • 7/24: Topeka Zoo Presentation at Kennedy Academy
  • 7/28: Water Slide & Pizza Party


NO Show-N-Tell for JULY! 

July 12 will be our first Water Day! E1 will have water days every Wednesday throughout the summer. Please bring your child’s suit and towel in a labeled bag with their name on MONDAY morning. They will be kept at school all week and taken home to wash on FRIDAYS.

Summer Activities:
Students will participate in circle time each day, along with tracing and/or writing activities. When there are not scheduled special activities, the students will participate in the Garden and Fitness activities as outlined by the grant we received from the food program for the summer. Each week we will learn about a certain fruit or vegetable. We will be doing different types of fun activities for this food program. 


Please take the time to add our class to the Remind App. This is a great way to communicate with me, and receive updates for our class. To add E1 class enter: 81010 and text: @e1class on your phone. This quickly adds you to our class!

Jumping into June

Important Dates:

18th–  Fathers Day

1922–  4th Quarter Testing

  • Monday–  Career Day
  • Tuesday–  Sports Team Day
  • Wednesday–  Luau Day
  • Thursday–  Red, White, and Blue Day

20th–  Boomer Visits

23rd–  NO SCHOOL

  • ALL SCHOOL Picnic 10:00am-12:00pm at Shelter House #2 Shawnee Lake
  • Graduation- 3:00pm at the VA Theater

Important Reminder: Please bring a bottle of sunscreen, labeled with their name for your child if you have not already. Also, students are able to bring a water bottle to keep in the classroom. 


  • Nursery Rhymes
  • Circus
  • Father’s Day
  • 4th Quarter Testing/Graduation


  • 2nd-Nursery Rhyme
  • 9th-Free Choice
  • 16th-Pic of Dad
  • 23-NO SCHOOL
  • 30th-Free Choice

We are finishing up our math workbooks this month. We have worked hard all year long on them! We are also learning to count by 10’s this month. 

We are continuing to review our capitol and lowercase letters, and our letter sounds. 

This month we are going to be doing a lot of summer activities.  We are going to be planting our plants, playing outside and doing lots of nutritional activities. 

We are going to be learning about sports and circuses as well. 

We are going to be discussing our dad’s this month.  We will be talking about why we love our dads and how special they are. 

I have enjoyed my first school year at Kennedy Academy so much and I am so proud of each and every student in my class this year! Great job, E1! 

Have a great month and happy summer! 

Marvelous May

Important Dates: May 29: NO SCHOOL-Memorial Day

Weekly Themes: 


Mothers Day


4 Elements (Air, Water, Fire, Soil)

Student of the Month: Melanie

Language Arts: This month we are focusing a lot on learning letter sounds. This also is good review to help students with letter recognition. It’s always great to practice capitol and lowercase letters with flashcards at home. We are also introducing how to sound words out with each letter sound. We will be practicing writing first and last names, and starting to spell our first and last names. 

Science: We will be continuing our plant theme throughout this month. The students will be responsible for watering their grass seeds and learning and watching them grow. During May we will be learning all about insects, oceans, and the four elements. We will do lots of fun, hands on activities and art to help us learn all about each of these subjects. 

Social Studies: We are always learning about making good choices and bad choices, good manners, and especially cleaning up our ourselves. This month we will also take a week to learn about Mothers Day and why family is special to us. 

Math: We will be finishing up Chapter 10: Understanding Addition, in our workbooks. We will begin Chapter 11: Understanding Subtraction. This chapter they will learn about separating groups and about comparing groups. They will be learning words like; separating, comparing, minus sign, and difference. We are also always working on our counting, and number recognition. It’s great practice to do number flashcards at home to help your child master their number recognition. 

Important Reminders: Please make sure to check your child’s cubby daily. 

Elementary classrooms will not be walking to the Preschool building during pickup after 5, we will be in E1 or E3.



Awesome April

Important Dates:

April 3 BookMobile Visit

April 10-14 Book Fair/ Trike-A-Thon

April 17 NO SCHOOL In-Service

April 18 Boomer Bear Visit’s

April 22 Earth Day

April Themes:





Student of The Month: Rosie


7th: Something SOFT

14: Something Easter Related

21: Something GREEN

28:Favorite Book

Language Arts: In April we will do a lot of review on our big and little letters. We will also start focusing on introducing and learning our letter sounds. We are also practicing our writing our names in April. 

Math:We will finish Chapter 9 in our workbooks and start into Chapter 10. Chapter 10: Understanding Addition will introduce learning about joining groups of things together. They will also be introduced to writing addition sentence. Key words we will be using are part, whole, plus sign, equals and sum. 

Science/Social Studies:This month we will be learning Weather/Seasons, Earth and Recycling and all about plants. We will be doing fun hands-on activities to help better understand each of these subjects.

Marvelous March

Important Dates:

March 13-16: 3rd Qtr Testing


March 14: Boomer Visit

March 17: NO SCHOOL: Parent/Teacher Conference 


March Weekly Themes:

Week 1 & 2: Dr. Seuss

Week 3: St. Patrick’s Day

Week 4: Solar System

Week 5: Weather/Seasons


Week 1: Something Colorful

Week 2: Something Fuzzy

Week 3: Something Green

Week 4: Something Round


Student of the Month: Preston

Language Arts: This month we will be finishing up our big and little letters: S,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z. The last week in March we will be doing a lot of review to review the alphabet. This month we are also focusing a lot on practicing writing our names. 

Math: We are cruising along through our workbooks. We will be finishing up Chapter 8, and starting right into Chapter 9. Chapter 9: Readiness for Addition and Subtraction. In this chapter they will learn different ways to make numbers. They will also learn how to compare different amounts. They will be learning words like, one more, one fewer, two more, two fewer. 

Social Studies: This month we will be learning about St. Patrick’s Day, the Solar System and all about Weather and Seaons. We will be doing different daily activities, and art to help us learn more about each weekly subject. 

REMINDERS: Please remember to check your child’s cubby daily. They each have red folders that sometimes have important school information (fundraisers, announcements, etc.). They also have a calendar for the month that lets you know how their day was. The calender’s need to be signed before the end of the month. 

ALSO, please do not let your child bring any toys to school unless it’s a Show-N-Tell Friday. Toys are not allowed at school, and are very distracting. 


Fabulous February

Important Dates:

13 & 27-BookMobile

14-Valentines Party & Boomer Bear visit

17-NO SCHOOL/In-Service Day

Student of the Month: Nitya

Weekly Themes:


6-10-Valentines Day




3-Free Choice

10-Something Pink


24-An Animal

February Letters:


Math: We are finishing up Chapter 7 in our math workbooks. We will end with learning about time and money. We will begin Chapter 8: Geometry & Fractions. This chapter teaches us about solid shapes, plane shapes, and fractions. Some of the words we will learn are: circle, rectangle, square, triangle, sphere, cylinder, cube and cone. 

Social Studies: We will be learning all about different types of machines, do fun crafts for Valentines Day and spend two weeks learning all about different types of animals and doing fun activities and art. 

Important Reminders this month: 

February 14th is our classroom Valentines Day party. There will be a sign up sheet for treats, drinks, etc. on our classroom clipboard closer to the date. Please bring a Valentine for every friend in class.

Class List: 













I will have started towards the end of January keeping red folders in each child’s cubby. These folders have a monthly calendar that helps keep track of good days/bad days for each child. These folders stay at school. Please check them every day in case there is important info in them. Each folder will have your child’s cubby number on them to help keep track of them. Also, as always please check your child’s cubby so we don’t have cubby’s piling up with papers. 

Have a Fabulous February! 

Happy New Year

E1 Wish List: CLICK HERE

January 2017

Important Dates:

January 5- BookMobile

January 9-January 13- 2nd Qtr Testing

  • Monday 1/9: Neon Day 
  • Tuesday 1/10: Western Day
  • Wednesday 1/11: Workout Day (Exercise Clothes)
  • Thursday 1/12: Circle of Life Day (Dress Young or Old or anything in between)
  • Friday 1/13: PJ Day

January 16- MLK Day

January 17-Boomer Bear Visits

January 29- Kansas Day

January 30-BookMobile

January Themes:

2nd-6th- Fairy Tale/ Folk Tales

9th-13th-2nd Qtr Testing/Black History Month


23rd- 27th- Kansas

Student of the Month: Sincere


6th: A Fairy Tale

13th-Free Choice

20th-Something that starts with K

27th- Something Yellow

Language Arts

January Letters: c,d,e,f,g,h

Math: The first week of January we will be finishing up Chapter 6: Measurement. We will be starting Chapter 7: Time and Money. During this chapter we will learn how to read a calendar, introduce telling time and counting money.

Science/Social Studies: This month we will celebrate Black History Month, and Kansas for a two-week period. We will learn about history of Black History Month, and do fun crafts to learn about this theme. During Kansas week we will also learn fun things about our state and do fun art to help celebrate throughout the week. 

Reminder: Please remember toys are NOT allowed at school unless it is a Show-N-Tell Friday. Students are allowed to bring ONE soft toy/animal to sleep with at nap only. Starting in January, toys that are brought to school will be put up and can be picked up by parents during pick up.

Please check cubbies daily, if possible.