About me

My name is Jessica Wilson. I have been working here at Kennedy Academy since 2006. I am the kindergarten teacher in the E4 classroom. I have my bachelors degree in elementary education from Emporia State University. I also have three children of my own. I enjoy teaching and find joy in seeing children grow and learn to their fullest potential.

***May News***

Important Dates:

May 2- Adventuremobile

May 12- Mothers Day

May 22- Boomer Visits

May 27- NO SCHOOL/Memorial Day

Student of the Month: Ray’Vin

Show and Tell:

May 3- an insect

May 10- a picture of Mom

May 17- an ocean animal/item

May 24- free choice

May 31- a Nursery Rhyme

Language Arts:

This month in language arts we are learning about how Y can be a vowel. We will be learning about Y used for the long vowel I sound in words like “my” and “fly”. We are also going to be learning about the long vowel O. In May we will be having our final two spelling tests for the year. The class has worked very hard and are really looking forward to being finished taking spelling tests.


We are also going to be wrapping up our math lessons. The class will be learning about fractions, as well as focusing on telling time and adding money values.

Science/Social Studies:

This month we are going to be talking about our mothers. We are going to be making mothers day art and gifts for our mom. We are also going to be learning about the ocean this month. We are going to be discussing ocean animals, as well as the other types of thing found in the sea. This will take us right into our lesson on the four elements. We will be doing lessons involving sink/float, and wind power. We are going to be learning about what types of things burn and what the different elements are used for. We will end the month with nursery rhymes. The class will be singing and resiting nursery rhymes. 

Please remember that the weather may be warm in the afternoon, but the mornings may still be chilly. Please make sure your student has a jacket at school for when the weather isn’t very warm. We do play outside each day, so dress them appropriately. When in doubt, have them wear layers. They can always take jackets off if it gets warm. Thank you.

***April News***

Important Dates: April 9- Spring Pictures/Graduation Pics

April 19- Trike-a-thon

April 22- No School (Teacher Inservice)

Student of the Month- Khush

Show and Tell:

April 5- Something Winter

April 12- Something Spring/Fall

April 19- Bring your riding toy and helmet

April 26- A recycled item

April 30- An insect

Language Arts:

This month we are going to be focusing on writing more. We are going to work on writing their names with the proper capitals and lower case letters. We are also going to be reading more. I will be testing the class on their sight words and seeing how fast the students can read.


This month we are going to be working more on telling time and adding money. Most of the class has mastered the coin values, so we can start putting coins together and adding the amounts. We are also going to be learning about fractions (half, whole, fourths, thirds).

Science/Social Studies:

This month we are starting the month with our weather/seasons unit. The class will be learning about different types of weather and learning to match the weather with the proper seasons.

We will also be studying plants this month. We will be growing plants in the classroom and journaling about what we see.

We are going to learn about riding safety during the week of the trike-a-thon and doing activities to help the class understand how to be safe on their bikes.

We also have Earth day and Easter this month. So, we will be doing activities to celebrate the holidays. We will be learning about recycling and how to help protect the Earth.

We are learning about insects at the end of the month. The class will be studying bugs and different types of arachnids. We will also be learning about he life cycle of the butterfly.

***March News***

Important Dates:

March 1– Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

March 11-14- 3rd Quarter Testing/Spirit Week

Monday-Crazy Hair Day

Tuesday- Dress as your favorite book character

Wednesday- Blast from the past day

Thursday- Wear Pink in Memory of Ariya (Ms. Jessica’s Pink Warrior)

March 15- NO SCHOOL/ Parent/Teacher Conferences

March 18-19- NO SCHOOL/Spring Break

March 21- Adventuremobile

March 27- Boomer Visits

Student of the Month: Jase M.

Show and Tell Schedule:

March 1- A Dr. Seuss Book

March 8- Free Choice

March 15- NO SCHOOL

March 22- Something SUMMER

March 29- Something WINTER

Language Arts- This month we are learning long vowel E and long vowel A. It’s important for children to recognize vowels and both vowel sounds (long and short sounds). Please continue reviewing the spelling words at home. The class has done really well adjusting to the harder spelling lists. Thank you for your help with studying the words.

Math- We are continuing to work in our math workbooks, as well as playing math games to help with learning math concepts. One of our favorite games, that you can play at home with regular playing cards, is TOP-IT. In this game, two players both turn over a card from a upside down shuffled deck of cards. The person who turns over the higher number gets to take both cards and play continues until all cards have been taken. The player with the most cards at the end wins.

Science/Social Studies- This month we are learning about Dr. Seuss. It is fun for the class to identify the rhyming words. We are also celebrating St. Patricks Day and doing “green” activities. We will be learning about the solar system this month. We will be talking about space, planets, and the sun. The end of the month starts our weather and seasons unit, where we talk about the different types of weather and which types occur in which seasons.

***February News***

Important Dates: February 14- Valentines Party

February 18- NO SCHOOL

February 27- Boomer 9:30 am

February 28- Adventuremobile

Student of the Month- Vedanshi

Show and Tell:

February 1- Free Choice

February 8- Magnet or Machine

February 15- Valentines Item

February 22- Animal

Language Arts: This month we are learning about “er”, “ir”,and “ur”. We are also going to be learning about double letters and the long vowel O. We are continuing working on spelling and reading. We are going to be focusing on writing more and using the skills that we have learned.

Math: We have moved into our second workbook. This workbook continues to expand upon the skills they already learned as well as learning new math skills. We are also going to continue playing math games to help use our math skills quickly and correctly.

Science/Social Studies: This month we are learning about magnets and machines. We will be learning the different types of machines, including pulley, gears, wedge, and inclined plane. We are going to do a week of Valentines activities before we start our animal unit. We will be learning about different types of animals that we might have as a pet or see in a zoo. The end of the month we have our Dr. Seuss unit. We will be reading a lot of Dr. Seuss books and work on rhyming.

***January News***

Important Dates:

January 1- NO SCHOOL, Happy New Year

Show and Tell:

Jan. 4Free Choice

Jan. 11A fairy tale

Jan. 18- Free Choice

Jan. 25- Something to represent Kansas

Student of the Month- Alexis A.

Language Arts-  This month we are learning about the “or”, “sh”, “ch” and “ar” sounds.  We are going to be getting back into the swing of things after the holidays.  Keep practicing the spelling words because they have started getting more difficult.  

MathWe will continue working in our workbooks, learning about adding, subtracting, money, and time.  The class is doing a great job learning their math facts.  

Science and Social Studies- This month we are learning about fairy tales.  We will be reading fairy tales and also comparing the stories to the movies. 

We are learning about black history this month.  We are going to be learning about Martin Luther King Jr. and other notable men and women in history.  

This month we are also learning all about Kansas.  We will be learning about the symbols of Kansas, such as the sunflower, box turtle, and bison.

***December News***

Important Dates:

December 6- Adventuremobile 2:45-3:15pm

December 7- Kennedy Academy Christmas Program

December 10-14-  Second Quarter Testing

Monday- Neon Day

Tuesday- Christmas Sweater Day

Wednesday- Christmas Character Day (Santa, elves, etc.)

Thursday-  Camo Day

Friday- PJ Day

December 20- Adventuremobile 2:45-3:15pm

December 21- Class Christmas Parties (Please bring a wrapped book as a gift for the party.  The book should NOT be gender specific.)

December 25-28- NO SCHOOL, Christmas Break

Student of the Month:  Aryana P.

Show and Tell Schedule:

December 7- Free Choice

December 14- A Christmas Item

December 21- NO SHOW AND TELL

December 28NO SCHOOL

Language Arts:

     This month will include a lesson on the “ng” sound.  This month will only have one spelling test, due to the holiday. We will be doing writing activities about Christmas and also reviewing the sounds and lessons we have learning this year. 


     We are learning more math skills working in our workbooks.  These skills will start involving telling time, adding money, and skip counting.  We are still playing our math games and gaining better number knowledge.

Science/Social Studies:

We will be finishing our lesson on dinosaurs this month.  The class will be enjoying our dinosaurs in the classroom until the end of the month. 

     We are also going to be doing lessons about Christmas.  They will be learning about the true meaning of Christmas, as well as the story of Santa.  We are going to be doing many crafts and activities for Christmas and also reading a lot of stories about Christmas. 


***November News***

Important Dates:

November 1- Adventuremobile 2:45-3:15pm

November 15- Adventuremobile 2:45-3:15pm

November 21-Pizza Party

November 22-23- NO SCHOOL, Thanksgiving Break

Student of the Month: Frannie H.

Show and Tell Schedule:

November 2- Free Choice

November 9- A family picture

November 16- Something you are thankful for

November 23- NO SCHOOL

November 30- A Dinosaur

Language Arts:

  This months lessons are short vowel E, the “th” sound, and short vowel U.  These lessons are important because they are learning that when certain letters are next to each other that they make a different sound then when they are alone.  It is important that when you study the spelling words at home that you are reminding them that the “th” sound is made when the letters T and H are next to each other.  These letters no longer make their own sound, but make a new sound.  


We are continuing on in our math workbooks.  The students are gaining new math knowledge without even realizing it.  They are playing their math games and getting better at number skills. 

Science/Social Studies:

This month starts with our family unit.  We are going to be talking about the different types of families. We will be focusing on not just how families are different, but also how they are special.  Students will be learning about different types of households and how each one is great because they are filled with love.  No matter what, they are loved by their family, whether it is big or small. 

     We are also doing our thanksgiving unit this month.  We are going to be discussing the first thanksgiving and learning about the traditions that we follow in our own families. 

     The end of the month starts our unit on dinosaurs.  This is my favorite unit.  We talk about the different types of dinosaurs and what scientists think might have happened to them.  The students learn words like extinct and fossil and paleontologist.  This is a fun unit that will continue into December. 


***October News***

Important Dates:

October 4- Adventuremobile 2:45-3:15pm

October 8-11- Testing Week

Monday- Inside-out Day

Tuesday- Dress Like and Animal Day

Wednesday- Crazy Sock Day

Thursday- PJ Day

October 12- NO SCHOOL (P/T Conferences)

October 18- Adventuremobile 2:45-3:15pm

October 31- Halloween, Parade and Class Parties 3:00pm

Student of the Month:    Aiden C.

Show and Tell:

October 5- something related to community helpers

October 12- NO SCHOOL

October 19- a type of transportation

October 26- something scary

Language Arts:

     This months lessons include learning words that use the short vowel I, “ck” words, words that use short vowel O, and the “al” sound.  The spelling tests will reflect the weekly lessons.  The students will be learning to read, write and spell words in each of these categories.  Please continue studying the spelling words at home.  The homework will also help with the sight words that they are learning in class.  The more sight words they know, the better readers they will become.


We are continuing to work in our workbook, as well as playing math games to help increase their number skills.  They will be learning to recognize numbers as well as use them to count, add, and determine their placement on a number grid.  The further into the math curriculum we get, the more skills they will be developing.  They will be learning about money everyday as well, during calendar time.  You can help practice with money at home by asking which coin it is and how much it is worth. 

Science/Social Studies:

     This month starts with a lesson about community helpers.  The class will be talking about jobs.  They will be discussing the job that they might want when they grow up. They will also be learning about all the other jobs that are available.  They will be focusing on the jobs that are important to the community, such as firefighter, police officer, and doctor.  These are community helper jobs because they are helping the people in the community.  They will also be learning the difference between a good and a service.  Both of these are important to the community.

The class will also be learning about different types of transportation and communication this month.  They will be discussing the different ways of getting from here to there.  They will be learning about planes, trains, automobiles, and much more.  We will also be talking about communication through interviews, mobile devices, and through written word. 

     They will be doing many fun Halloween activities and crafts as well. This will be an exciting month for them, because they enjoy dressing up and getting candy.  We will have plenty of activities that will include the Halloween theme. 

     The month ends with a lesson on cultural diversity.  The class will be learning about differences in cultures and how we can not only recognize those differences, but also celebrate them. They will be learning to understand that differences are a good thing, because without differences it would be a boring world.  Differences bring new ideas and new friendships.  We focus on the acceptance of all cultures and types of people. 

***September News***

Important Dates:

September 3- NO SCHOOL, Labor Day

September 18- Preschool/Sibling Pictures
September 19- Elementary Pictures (yep, that’s us)

September 20- Our first Adventuremobile day!  2:45-3:15 pm

Student of the Month:  Camryn R. 

Show and Tell Schedule:

September 7- Something you can SEE and TOUCH

September 14- Something that you can HEAR

September 21- Something you can SMELL

September 28- Something you can TASTE

Language Arts:

     This month we are finishing up our review of the letters and sounds.  Your student will get their first homework and spelling list on Friday, September 14th.  It will be due back on Friday, September 21.  You can stick it in the drop box on the purple cubbies when you return it.  The first spelling test will be on Wednesday, September 19th.  If your student does not get 100%, they will get another chance to take the test on the following day.  I encourage you to help study the words at home.  If you are limited on study time, studying in the car can also be effective.  They don’t necessarily have to write the words to study them. 


     By September we will be doing more work in our workbooks.  The class will also be doing daily math games to help them with the skills that they need to be able to complete the work and also to gain better number skills.  The math games are a lot of fun and the students don’t even realize that they are learning too. 

Science/Social Studies:

     September is the the month that we focus on the five senses.  The kids enjoy bringing show and tell items that demonstrate each of the five senses.  They will also be doing activities as well as projects that help to show what each sense means and how it works. 

     The second half of the month we are going to be doing our nutrition unit.  This is an important unit where we discuss the food groups, eating healthy, and living a healthy lifestyle.  They will bringing “something to taste” on the last Friday of the month.  They will be identifying not only how it tastes, but what food group it falls into.  This does not have to be something to share with others, but if you would like to send something that the whole class can share, that would be welcome as well. 

***Welcome to E4 in August***

Important Dates:

~ August 3rd
NO SCHOOL – New Student Orientation

~August 6th – 10th-
Placement Testing/Spirit Theme
Monday: Wear Your Favorite Color Day
Tuesday: Dress as your favorite sport or sports team
Wednesday: Dress Yourself Day
Thursday: Fun Hat Day
Friday: Bring your favorite stuffed animal/PJ Day

~August 17th-
Parent’s Night 6:00 – 7:00 pm

Student of the Month:  Raelynn

Welcome to E4:

I am excited to meet and get to know all of the new families.  It’s going to be a great school year.  The goal for the students this year is to be reading at least basic words/books.  They should be able to read at least 100 sight words and blend sounds together to make words.  They will also know basic math skills, such as addition, subtraction, telling time, and money. 

Language Arts:

We start off the school year with reviewing our letters and letter sounds.  We spend the first six weeks of school focusing on the basics.  The goal is to know all of the letters and most of the sounds by the end of the six weeks.  Having this as a foundation for the school year will really help when we start spelling and reading.  We are also going to be learning some basic sight words during this review.  We won’t be testing over sight words though until after we have finished with the review.


In August we are going to start off our school year by reviewing the numbers one through twenty.  We will be adding to our numbers as the year goes on.  We will also be doing many hands on activities to help with learning the basic math concepts.  The students will be playing math games and using manipulatives to reinforce their math skills. 


In August we start off the year learning about ourselves.  We are going to do an All About Me theme, where the students talk about their interests, looks, and family.  They will be sharing the information with their friends to get to know each other.  We will also be learning the rules of the classroom and learning how to get along with each other.  We will be learning about table manners and being polite as well.  We will also start our human body theme, where we learn about the parts of the body and what each part does.