About me

My name is Jessica Wilson. I have been working here at Kennedy Academy since 2006. I am the kindergarten teacher in the E4 classroom. I have my bachelors degree in elementary education from Emporia State University. I also have three children of my own. I enjoy teaching and find joy in seeing children grow and learn to their fullest potential.

Summer News

Due to a family emergency, the E4 classroom will be closed for the summer.

Please refer to the Director’s Blog for a list of upcoming important dates.

If you have any questions or concerns, please speak to Kandice or Chelsie in the office. Thank you!

***June News***

Important Dates:

June 4-8- Testing Week/Spirit Week

Monday- Career Day

Tuesday- Sports Team Day

Wednesday- Luau Day

Thursday- Red, White, and Blue Day

Friday- Pajama Day

June 6- Fire Safety Demonstration

June 12- EMT Demonstration

June 13- Fire Safety Demonstration, part 2

June 20- Fire Safety Demonstration, part 3

June 22- No School, All School Picnic and Graduation

June 25- Pop, Top, and Read

June 27- Boomer Visits/Final Fire Safety Demonstration

Student of the Month- RC

Show and Tell:

June 1- A Nursery Rhyme to Recite

  June 8- Free Choice

June 15- A picture of Dad

June 22- No School

     June 29- Free Choice

As we are wrapping up this school year we will be doing our final school testing.  The students will be tested on all of the sight words we have learned this year.  They will be tested on all of the areas we have covered throughout the year, including reading speed and math facts. 

This month we will be discussing our dads and how they are special to us.  We will spend a week writing about our dads and making fathers day gifts. 

We are also going to be practicing our songs for graduation and preparing for the cap and gown ceremony. 

The last week of the month we are going to be starting our summer program.  The class will be doing more play and hands on fun activities. 

***Yay it’s May!***

Important Dates:

May 2- Adventuremobile 2:45

May 23-  Boomer 9:30

May 21-25- Book Fair

May 28- NO SCHOOL, Memorial Day

Student of the Month- Allie and Tanya

Show and Tell-

May 4- an insect

May 11- a picture of mom

May 18- an ocean item

May 25- free choice

Language Arts:  This month we are wrapping up our final spelling tests.  May also marks the end of having homework.  The final homework will be due May 18th.  We will be doing more reading and writing, using the skills they have been learning all year long. 

Math:  The goal is to finish the second math workbook by the end of May.  Students will be learning about fractions this month, as well as shapes, graphing, and addition skills.  We are wrapping up our lessons, so that we can use our gained knowledge toward fun activities in the classroom.

Science/Social Studies:  This month we are going to be doing our lesson about insects.  The students will be learning about different types of insects and how they change.  They will be learning the difference between spiders and insects as well.  Our class caterpillars will be butterflies by the end of May and we are looking forward to releasing them. 

We are also going to have our unit on Mothers this month.  The kids will be making mothers day gifts as well as discussing what makes their moms special.

This month we also have our ocean theme.  We will be studying the ocean, ocean creatures, and what you can find in the ocean.

We will be learning about the four elements this month.  We will discuss Earth, Water, Fire, and Air.  This will be the unit that we get to talk about sinking and floating and make boats to float. 

We will conclude the month with our lesson about nursery rhymes.  We will be reading nursery rhymes and learning to recite them.

***April Showers***

Important Dates:

April 4- Adventuremobile at 2:45pm

April 18- Adventuremobile at 2:45 pm

April 25- Boomer Visits 9:30 am

April 27- No School/Inservice Day


Show and Tell:

April 6- something “winter”

April 13- something “fall/spring”

April 20- a recycled item

April 27- NO SCHOOL


Language Arts:  This month we will continue working on spelling.  Please continue practicing their words at home.  We are also going to be working on our writing skills and our reading skills.  The students will be encouraged to practice their reading skills in a one on one setting during free choice time.  I want to help individuals on the skills that they need help with.  

Math:  I have seen after testing that the class really needs to work on clock skills.  So, we will be devoting more time to learning to read an analog clock.  You can help to encourage this skill by testing them at home to see if they can tell you the time.  We will also continue working on the other skills as well, such as adding, money, and number skills.

Science/Social Studies:  This month is our weather and seasons month.  We are going to be talking a lot about weather changes and what types of weather to expect during each season.  I noticed during testing that most of the class did not know what types of weather changes they would see in each season, so this lesson will help with that a lot. 

We are also doing our unit on the Earth and recycling this month.  The class will be learning about what they can do to help our environment.   They will also be learning what it means to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

We are finishing out the month with our plant lesson.  We have already started planting seeds to grow our own vegetables in our school garden.  We will watch them grow and change and observe how different plants grow.  We are also going to be learning what plants need to grow. 

***March Madness***

Important Dates: 

March 5-9- Testing Week/Spirit Week

  Monday- Crazy Hair Day

              Tuesday- Pattern Day

              Wednesday- Blast from the Past Day

              Thursday- Camo Day

              Friday- PJ Day

March 14- Adventuremobile at 2:45pm

March 16- NO SCHOOL

March 19-20- NO SCHOOL (Spring Break)

March 22- Kansas Connections (Topeka Library) *Earth, Moon, Sun* 9-10am

March 28- Boomer Bear Visits 9:30am

March 30- Trike-A-Thon (Bring a riding toy AND helmet, labeled with the student’s name.)


March Themes:  Dr. Seuss, St. Patricks Day, Solar System, Easter


Student of the Month:  Maddox


Show and Tell: 

March 2- A Dr. Seuss Story

March 9- Free Choice

March 16- NO SCHOOL

March 23- something summer

March 30- Riding toy and helmet (labeled with students name)


Language Arts:  This month we are going to be reviewing the sounds and letters that we have learned this year.  The class will be using the skills that they have learned this year to read and write.  The class is really starting to enjoy writing and using their phonemic knowledge to sound out words.  Remember that inventive spelling is a good thing.  Having the students try spelling words on their own really shows their growth in being able to spell and write on their own.  Even if words aren’t spelled correctly, it’s a great development to be using their own skills to “sound out” words.


Math:  We have moved into our second math book.  We are going to continue working on our number skills.  The class is getting much faster at adding and using their skills.  We are continuing our fast math activities and playing math games to increase our math skills. 


Theme Activities:  We are going to be learning more about rhyming during our Dr. Seuss week.  We will be using those predictable text skills to read stories.  This is a fun week full of Dr. Seuss stories.

We are also going to be doing St. Patricks Day activities.  We are going to be doing a lot of green activities during the week leading to St. Patricks Day.

We are going to be learning about the solar system this month.  We will be learning the planets names and other information about the solar system.  This is also when we discuss what we see in the sky and what is around our Earth.  We will also be talking about maps this week and there will be a focus on addresses this month. 

We are ending the month with our Easter theme.  This is the same week that we do riding lessons leading to the trike-a-thon.  The students will be learning about how to ride their bikes safely. 

***Frosty February***

Important Dates:

February 14- Valentines Party

February 16- NO SCHOOL

February 21- Boomer visits from the library

February 28- Adventuremobile at 2:45pm

Student of the Month:  Aarna C.

Show and Tell:

February 2- A Machine

February 9- Valentines item

February 16- NO SCHOOL

February 23- An Animal

Language Arts:

This month we are learning about the “qu” and “wh” sounds.  We are also going to be learning about “er”, “ir”, and “ur”.   This spelling list will be especially hard because it tests over all of them at the same time. Something that I have used in the past to help the students remember which letter combination to use is: 

 “Her name is Er.  Sir, the bird is in the dirt.  Don’t burn the fur.”

We will be working on double letters this month as well, in words like “middle” and “wiggle”.  We will also learn about the long vowel O, spelled “ow” and “oa”. 


We started doing our fast math last month, so this month we are going to continue improving our addition speed.  We are also going to be learning more about place value using place value cubes to represent the ones, tens, and hundreds place.  We will also continue working in our workbook. The goal is to finish book one by the end of the month and move on to book two.


We will start the month learning about Valentines Day and making crafts to celebrate the holiday.  We will also be using our writing skills to create “love letters”. 

We are going to spend the middle of the month to learn all about animals.  We will focus on pets, zoo animals, and farm animals.  We will also be learning about habitats and animal homes.

At the end of the month we will start our unit on Dr. Seuss.  This will be where we get a lot of practice with rhymes.  We will be reading a lot of Dr. Seuss books and even creating rhymes of our own. 

***Jumping into January***

Important Dates:


  • January 1st- NO SCHOOL (Happy New Year)
  • January 12th- Kansas Connections Lesson (TSCPL)- Kansas Symbols
  • January 15th – Martin Luther King Jr Holiday – School is in session! (Calendar misprint)
  • January 17th- Adventuremobile 2:45pm
  • January 18th & 19th – Free Eye Exams
  • January 24th-  Boomer 9:30am
  • January 29th- Kansas’ Birthday
  • January 31st- Adventuremobile 2:45pm

Student of the Month:  Ameya G.

Show and Tell:

  • January 5- A Fairy Tale
  • January 12- Free Choice
  • January 19- Something “Kansas”
  • January 26- Free Choice


  • Fairy Tales- We will be reading fairy tales and talking about the difference between fiction and non-fiction stories.  We will be learning about how stories get passed down year after year and because of books we are able to read stories that were told years ago. 
  • Black History- We are going to be learning about famous men and women of history that helped to change laws so that all people could the same rights.  We will be learning about MLK and Rosa Parks and other people who helped the fight for equality.
  • Kansas- We are going to be learning about the Kansas symbols, such as the state bird and insect.  We are going to be learning where Kansas is on a map.  We will also discuss what Kansas is well known for- wheat, farming, and sunflowers. 
  • Machines/Magnets- We will be playing with magnets as well as learning about machines and how they work to make our lives easier.  We will be learning about simple machines and their uses. 

Language Arts:

We are going to really focus on handwriting as we start the new year.  The students will be learning to write sentences and use their spelling skills.  We will continue to expand on their spelling and sight words.  They will also be using their skills to start reading more. 


We will continue working on our math skills in our workbooks.  We are also going to be practicing our skills at doing “fast math.”  Each student will do as many addition problems as they can in two minutes.  We will start with adding zero and then move on from there with adding one, adding two and so on.  The goal is to be able to begin adding quicker. 


***Dashing Through December***

Important Dates: 

December 8-  Kennedy Academy Christmas Program

December 11-15- Testing Week 

  • Monday – Neon Day
  • Tuesday – Christmas Sweater/Shirt Day
  • Wednesday – Christmas Character Day 
  • Thursday – Wear Gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness
  • Friday – Pajama Day

December 13- Adventuremobile at 2:45 pm

December 20- Boomer at 9:30 am

December 22- Christmas Party/Book Exchange

December 25-January 1- NO SCHOOL, enjoy the holidays!


Student of the Month:  Audree S.


Show and Tell:

Dec. 1- Dinosaur

Dec. 8- Free Choice

Dec. 15- Something Christmas



Language Arts:  This month we are learning “th” and “ar”.  We are also going to be reviewing all of the sounds we have learned so far this year.  We will be testing over sight words we have learned and sounds we have learned so far this year.  We will be practicing our reading skills and getting ready to bump up our learning in January. 


Math:  We are going to continue working on our math skills this month.  We learn a lot of our math skills during our circle time and then put them into practice in our math journals.  They are learning about addition and money, as well as place value and word problems. 


Themes:  Dinosaurs-  We are focusing on learning about fossils, types of dinosaurs, and even volcanoes this month. 

Christmas-  We are going to be doing a lot of fun Christmas crafts and activities, as well as reading Christmas stories.


***November News***

Important Dates: 

November 1- Happy Bear

November 8- Adventuremobile at 2:45pm

November 22-  Boomer visits 9:30am

November 23, 24- No School, Thanksgiving

November 29- Adventuremobile at 2:45pm


Student of the Month: Luv


Show and Tell:

November 3- Free choice

November 10- a family picture

November 17- something you are thankful for

November 24- NO SCHOOL



Family-  We are going to be talking about families and how they are the same and different.  We are going to be learning about the people in our families and discussing what they do. 

Thanksgiving-  We are going to be learning about the first thanksgiving and how it was celebrated.  We are going to be talking about turkeys and how each family celebrates the holiday.

Dinosaurs-  We are starting our unit on dinosaurs at the end of November.  We are going to be talking about the different types of dinosaurs and what happened to them.  The students will be learning the words extinct and fossils. 


Language Arts:  We are going to be continuing spelling tests and weekly lessons.  The students will be learning short vowel o, the “al” sound, short vowel e, and the “th” sound.  Please continue working on the spelling words at home to help with the student’s confidence and accuracy. 


Math:  We will continue working on our math curriculum, focusing on addition, subtraction, number recognition, and counting.  After testing, I have decided to add in more focus on ordinals and months of the year, so we will be spending time on those things as well. 



***October News***

Important Dates: 

October 9-13- 1st Quarter Testing and Spirit Week

Monday-Inside/Out Day

Tuesday- Dress Like an Animal Day

Wednesday- Crazy Sock Day

Thursday- Superhero/Villain Day

Friday- Pajama Day

October 11- Adventuremobile at 2:45pm

October 16- NO SCHOOL, Parent/Teacher Conferences

October 25- Boomer at 9:30am, Adventuremobile at 2:45pm

October 27- Halloween Celebration and Parade of Costumes

Student of the Month:  Madison T.

Show and Tell:

October 6- something related to community helpers (such as a fireman hat, police badge, or doctor stethoscope)

October 13- Free Choice

October 20- a type of transportation

October 27- something scary

Language Arts:

This month we will be learning words with short vowel i and words with “ck” at the end.  We will continue with spelling this month.  We are also going to be doing our weekly nursery rhymes, writing, and reading lessons.  Testing is this month, so I will be figuring spelling grades and testing on what we have learned so far in class.


We are going to be continuing to work in our math books this month.  We are learning math games to help with number recognition and other math skills.  The students will be learning addition, as well as money and place value during our daily lessons.

Science and Social Studies:

This month we are learning about community helpers.  We are going to be talking about different jobs in the community and how people help each other while doing a job.  We are also going to be learning about transportation and different ways of getting from here to there.  We will also be discussing communication and the different methods of talking to others.  We also have our Halloween theme this month and will be doing different Halloween related crafts.  The end of the month begins our lesson on cultural diversity, where we learn about different cultures and traditions.