About me

Hello, my name is Laura Burns. I am the Lead E3 teacher. I started in the P1 classroom in 2016 but I have about 10-12 years experience working with kids from 1 to 12. I have a lot of exciting and fun activities planned and can't wait to see your child grow.

Happy January!

Important Dates:

  • January 1st- NO SCHOOL (Happy New Year)
  • January 15th  Martin Luther King Jr Holiday – School is in session! (Calendar misprint)
  • January 17th- Adventuremobile 2:45pm
  • January 18th & 19th – Free Eye Exams
  • January 24th-  Boomer 9:30am
  • January 29th- Kansas’ Birthday
  • January 31st- Adventuremobile 2:45pm

Student of the Month:  Travis

Show and Tell:

  • January 5- A Fairy Tale
  • January 12- Free Choice
  • January 19- Something “Kansas”
  • January 26- Free Choice0


  • Fairy Tales- We will be reading fairy tales and talking about the difference between real(non fiction) and make believe(fiction). We will also be creating our own classroom fairy tale complete with pictures to reinforce our learning about authors and illustrators.
  • Black History- We are going to be learning about famous men and women of history that helped to change laws so that all people could the same rights. We will talk about Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, and the significance of Brown v. Board.
  • Kansas- We are going to be learning about the Kansas symbols in a book that will go home on that Friday. Along with that, we will learn what Kansas known for and will learn where Kansas is on a map.
  • Machines/Magnets- This will be a fun week for us. We will do a lot of hands on  activities to learn how machines are made by creating our own.

Language Arts:

We are going to really focus on learning blends and begin working on both sight words and spelling. Spelling words lists will go home every Monday and we will have tests on Wednesdays. They will be repeated on Fridays for those who do not get 100% on Wednesdays. I am also going to introduce sight words. We will do 5 a week and practice these daily during our circle time.


We will continue working on skip counting. Everyone has done an amazing job learning to skip count by 10’s so we should get the 5’s and 2’s with little issue but recognizing and writing numbers will be our main focus.


Dino-mite December

Important Dates: 
December 8-  Kennedy Academy Christmas Program
December 11-15- Testing Week 
Monday – Neon Day
Tuesday – Christmas Sweater/Shirt Day
Wednesday – Christmas Character Day 
Thursday – Wear Gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness
Friday – Pajama Day
December 13- Adventuremobile at 2:45 pm
December 20- Boomer at 9:30 am
December 22- Christmas Party/Book Exchange
December 25-January 1- NO SCHOOL
Student of the Month:  Avni

Show and Tell:
Dec. 1- Dinosaur
Dec. 8- Free Choice
Dec. 15- Something Christmas

Language ArtsThis month we are finishing our letters and sounds and begin working on blends.  We are also going to be reviewing all of the sounds we have learned so far this year.  We will spend the first part of the month reviewing and introduce sight words the second half.

Math:  We will continue working with patterns and numbers. We will also review all our numbers and begin simple addition.

Themes:Dinosaurs-  We are learning the names of some Dinosaurs and having fun trying to pronounce them. It is definitely a fun moment to see. We are also learning about the fascinating jobs that entail the removal and excavating of dinosaur bones.
Christmas-  We will do a lot of crafts and art for Christmas


Thankful for November

Important Dates: 

November 1- Happy Bear

November 8- Adventuremobile at 2:45pm

November 22-  Boomer Bear

November 23, 24- No School – Thanksgiving break

November 29- Adventuremobile at 2:45pm


Student of the Month: Raelynn 


Show and Tell:

November 3- Free choice

November 10- a family picture

November 17- something you are thankful for

November 24- NO SCHOOL



Family-  We will talk about families and the people who are in our own.

Thanksgiving- We are going to be talking about how each family celebrates the holiday and what we are thankful for.

Dinosaurs-  We are starting our unit on dinosaurs at the end of November.  We are going to be talking about the different types of dinosaurs and what happened to them.


Language Arts:  We are going to be continuing our letters. We are almost through the alphabet and will be starting blends and sight words soon. Everyone is doing well and I am sure they will catch on to the sight words quickly as well.

Math:  We will continue working on our math curriculum, focusing on number recognition, and counting.  After reviewing our testing, we will focus on days of the week, months, and patterns. We have begun a bit with patterns so it won’t take long for them to get the hang of of them. After we will begin working with ordinals and then simple addition.



Fall into October

We have a busy month ahead of us!

Important Dates

Upcoming Dates:
October 9 – 13 1st Quarter Testing/Spirit Week
Monday: Inside Out Day – wear your clothes inside out
Tuesday: Dress Like an Animal Day
Wednesday: Crazy Sock Day
Thursday: Superhero/Villain Day
Friday: Pajama Day
October 16 NO SCHOOL (Parent/Teacher Conferences)
October 27 Halloween Festival (See Note Below)

Our Annual Halloween Festival is being held on Friday, October 27th. We invite you to spend the day with your child enjoying games, a catered chili lunch, Halloween costume parade, and Halloween classroom parties. The activities will begin at approximately 8:45 am and the students will rotate through the stations until 11:00 am. At 11:00, the preschool building, and E1 and E3 will begin lunch in the Preschool lunchroom. We’d love for each student to bring their family for lunch; however, we only have room for 2 guests per child. You may pick up a form to RSVP from the office. This year we are offering a meatless chili option as well as the hamburger chili. If you would like to have lunch with your child that day, please fill out a form indicating your chili preference, how many guests will be attending (up to 2), and provide the payment to the office no later than Friday, October 13th.
The teachers will be walking the children from class to class, so we are asking for parents to help us run the games. If you are interested in volunteering some of your time, please see your child’s teacher or the office to sign up for volunteer times. We are looking for several volunteers. We will have nap after lunch. Feel free to let your child stay or keep them with you and return after. The costume “parade” (around the neighborhood, will start at 2:45 pm for the Elementary students and at 3:00 pm for the preschool students. Please make sure your child’s costume is at the school by 2:30 pm so they can get dressed (no weapons as part of the costume please). Immediately following the “parade”, each teacher will have their own Halloween party in their classroom. Please see me for details.

Student of the Month:  Raelynn

Show and Tell:
October 6th- Community Helpers
October 13th- Fall related
October 20th- Halloween related
October 27th- No Show and Tell (Fall Festival)


October 2nd-6th – Community Helpers/Letters R & H

October 9th-13th – 1st Quarter testing/NO letters this week

October 16th-20th – Communication/Transportation/Letters At & J

October 23rd-27th – Halloween/Letters K & F

Language Arts:

I’m very proud with how everyone is doing with multiple letters in a week so we will continue with the 2 letters. We have also begun doing a follow and draw with each letter that everyone loves. Each time is a simple drawing where they follow step by step as I draw it on the board. Their drawings are so much fun to see and they look forward to them each time.


This month we will introduce the concept of ordinal numbers. An example would be to color the 3rd star green, the 2nd star red, etc. We have begun to count by tens and will continue with that and number recognition to 100. We will continue building on these skills throughout the year. 

I do have a few special requests for our class. We LOVE puzzles and coloring but we have run out of scrap paper to use. If you have any in your offices or at home please bring it in. We don’t care if it has writing on it. As for puzzles, they are now working on 100 piece puzzles. We have a couple but I’d love to have a few more.


Splendid September

Important Dates:

September 4-  NO SCHOOL, Labor Day

September 21-  School Pictures (please note that sibling pictures are on Sept. 20)

Student of the Month:  Jessiah

Show and Tell:

September 1- something to “touch”

September 8- something to “see”

September 15- something to “hear”

September 22- something to “smell”

September 29- something to “taste”


5 Senses and Nutrition

We will spend the first two weeks learning about the 5 senses. We have a lot of activities planned around these. The 2nd half of the month we will be talking about nutrition and learning about healthy and unhealthy foods. 

Language Arts

We will continue working on handwriting every day. Also, now that we have some experience under our belts with Animated Alphabet and have a routine, we will try and do 2 letters a week. This will be a trial run so if it proves to be too overwhelming we will go back to one letter a week. 


Since our themes are 5 senses and nutrition it is the perfect time to introduce graphing. We will be graphing our likes and dislikes in class. Also during this month we will introduce other concepts such as learning number recognition, as well as counting, and patterns. We will continue building on these skills throughout the year. 





Happy New School Year!

Important Dates To Remember:

7/30-8/4-Transition from Summer Program

8/4 NO SCHOOL- MEET & GREET 12-2pm 

8/7-8/11- Placement Testing

8/18-Parent Night

Weekly Themes:

7-11-Placement Testing

14-18-Rules & Manners

21-25-All About Me

Summer: We are finishing up our Summer curriculum. We have been working hard learning our food groups and what foods go into each groups. We have loved watching all the plants grow and learning about them. And with the end of summer quickly approaching we will transition into a brand new school year. 

Language Arts: We will jump right into the new year after placement testing week. The first week we will review letters and sounds and start our Animated Alphabet the second week.

Science and Social StudiesWe will begin our new year learning the rules of the classroom and how to use our manners. We will then get to know our friends by posting All About Me posters in the stairway to our classroom. These will be considered one of the only times I will “assign” homework.


MathJust like with Language Arts we will spend the first week revisiting our numbers, shapes and colors. After that we will dive into our curriculum head on.

Some HousekeepingEveryone will have a cubbie in the hallway with their assigned number. Please check your child’s on a daily basis. Along with daily worksheets and art, they will also have folders with a monthly calendar. I will document your child’s day on them. Above the cubbies, I have a monthly calendar that I will post events and themes. Any important information for parents will be posted beside the calendar. Please check this regularly throughout the year.



Happy July!

Important Dates:  July 3-7– NO SCHOOL (Summer Vacation)

Our class will have Splash Days on Wednesdays with E1. Please bring swim suits, towels and water shoes labeled with your child’s name on Monday for the week. They will go home on Fridays along with their nap stuff.

This July we will be working on our school garden.  We will be learning about plants, nutrition, and growing our own foods thanks to the grant we received from the food program.

We will continue doing circle time, reading stories, practicing basic math skills, and reading skills.

June is here!

Important Dates:

18th–  Fathers Day

1922–  4th Quarter Testing

23rd–  All School Picnic 10:00am-12:00pm at Shelter House #2 Shawnee Lake, Graduation- 3:00pm at the VA Theater


Nursery Rhymes


Father’s Day

4th Quarter Testing/Graduation

We have a lot of summer activities planned for June. We will plant our carrot plants we started from seeds and spending a lot of time outside.

With the weather getting warmer if you’d like to send a refillable water bottle to school that would be great. I’ll have a container so we can bring take them out with us on the playground. Also, if you have not brought in sun screen please do so.

This month we will also be celebrating dads. We will spend quite a bit of time talking about why they are special. If you have any pics of your children with their dads, can you send one to school please?

April Showers

Important Dates 

  • 4/14- Trike-A-Thon
  • 4/10-4/14- Book Fair
  • 4/17- NO SCHOOL
  • 4/22 – Earth Day


  • 4/3- 4/7- Seasons
  • 4/10-4/14- Easter/ Trike-A-Thon
  • 4/17-4/21- Earth/ Recycling
  • 4/24-4/28- Plants

Student Of the Month: Amiyah

Language Arts: We love our Animated Alphabet and will be continuing it. We will also work on tracing skills. We do shape and color recognition every day at circle time and everyone is doing really well. Along with that we will begin daily scissor time. If you have old magazines please bring them in. We love cutting them up. 

Math: We will be doing more math worksheets and trying to get our recognition of the numbers 0-10 mastered. We are working with flash cards at circle time every day to help.  

Science/Social Studies/Art: I have many fun activities based on the theme of the week.

March Madness

Important Date:

  • 3/13 – 3/16 : Testing Week
  • 3/17 : Parent / Teacher Conference
  • 3/20 – 3/21 : NO SCHOOL/ Spring Break


  •  2/27 – 3/3 : Dr. Seuss
  • 3/6 – 3/10 : Dr. Seuss
  • 3/13 – 3/17 : St. Patrick’s (TESTING WEEK)
  • 3/20 – 3/24 : Solar System 

Student Of the Month: Marcus

Language Arts: We love our Animated Alphabet and will be continuing it. We will also work on our cutting and tracing skills. We work on shape and color recognition every day and everyone is doing really well. Now that we have our daily routine down, we will be doing more hands on art in the afternoons. You’ll notice more “Picasso-esque” art coming home.

Math: We will be doing more math worksheets and trying to get our recognition of the numbers 0-10 done. We have started to count to 30 and recognition of 0 to 20.

Science/Social Studies/Art: I have many fun activities based on the theme of the week.