Karla Meggison started Kennedy Academy in June 1986, under the name Montessori Plus. Montessori Plus was the first full-time preschool in Topeka which actually used a structured, academic curriculum for preschool students. Montessori Plus was the first school, either private or public to institute a full-time kindergarten with before and after school childcare.

In January 1989, Montessori Plus was renamed Books & Blocks Academy and moved to our present location at 206 SE Lakewood Court. Books & Blocks Academy offered full-time preschool and full-time kindergarten with before and after school care. In 1994, first grade was added with before and after school care available. Then in 1996, a new building was added which would house kindergarten through sixth grade. The new building was named Kennedy Academy and became the first private, non-parochial school in the State of Kansas to be accredited by the Kansas State Board of Education.  In 1996, Books & Blocks Academy, Inc. began operating the school under Kennedy Academy, although the corporation name remains the same.

In 2007, the decision was made to drop the upper grades and return to preschool and kindergarten classes only.  This decision was made in an effort to keep our prices low and help focus on an incredible academic start for our students.

We now have 3 levels of preschool, 2 levels of pre-kindergarten, a kindergarten prep, and a kindergarten program which cover the entire first-grade curriculum. Our students still enjoy the same small class sizes and the same one-on-one attention that our preschoolers receive and they are able to work on a kindergarten curriculum even if they are not old enough to go to school.