Mission Statement
Kennedy Academy, in cooperation with families, provides a well-balanced curriculum for preschool and kindergarten. By offering a child-centered education, students are encouraged to reach their maximum potential and become productive citizens in a changing society.

A “child-centered education” is the focus of our academic program here at Kennedy Academy.  Students are allowed to perform at their individual learning level and are placed in the program accordingly, regardless of their age.  This allows students to move as quickly as possible in one or more areas while remediating basic skills in other areas.  Kennedy Academy is a custom-made education for each child.  Small class size is a priority at Kennedy Academy.  The student/teacher ratio will not exceed 1 to 12 in any classroom.

Kennedy Academy accepts students from the ages of 2 1/2 years through kindergarten.  We do not discriminate against anyone in regard to race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, physical handicap, or sex.  However, we do say a prayer of thanks before each meal and we do teach the true meaning of the Christian holidays such as Christmas and Easter.  We also celebrate all of the other holidays throughout the year.

Kennedy Academy is fully funded and supported by the parents of our students.  We believe that parent participation is of the utmost importance during the child care years. Our parents are encouraged to visit the school as often as they like and offer their support and ideas.

At Kennedy Academy, we believe that a child’s education is the most important aspect of childhood.  Children will learn the behaviors and beliefs of those around them, especially of those who teach them.  For that reason, we try very hard to set up and keep a standard of conduct for our teachers and staff that will encourage wholesome attitudes and behaviors in our students.

Core Values
Our knowledgeable staff educates by nourishing, nurturing, and encouraging our diverse youth.