“I can’t say how much we miss Kennedy Academy. Our daughter learned so much when she was there, and I feel she has learned nothing in school since we moved out of town at her new school. We pay 55 more a week at the new place too so the price of Kennedy is very affordable!”
Mrs. C. – Mother – 4 children went through Kennedy Academy’s Program (Sept. 2013)

“I am so happy I decided to put my daughter in Kennedy Academy almost a year ago. Not only is she thriving academically, she’s made lots of friends, and every single one of the teachers/staff is so friendly and happy.”
Ms. W. – Mother – (July 2013)

“My son graduated from Kennedy Academy (known as Books and Blocks Academy at the time) 20 years ago. He was in the gifted program when he was in public school. I have to give credit to those preschool teachers. They are excellent. You can not go wrong. Your children will thrive.”
– Mrs. D. – Mother – (July 2013)

“My boys love Kennedy Academy, and I love you guys so much. I love the teachers and the entire staff. You are amazing. The entire staff treats my kids with respect, and I really appreciate that. I am always telling people how happy I am with Kennedy Academy!”
– Mrs. F. – Mother of 2 Kennedy Academy Students – (May 2014)

 “I miss Kennedy Academy and the forward teaching. I’m trying hard to keep up with the hard work Kennedy Academy invested in my son. I sure wish Kennedy Academy still went through the 6th Grade. We would run back quickly! I recommend Kennedy Academy every chance I get.”
Ms. P. – Mother – (September 2014)

“I have been beyond pleased with the level of care Kennedy Academy has provided for my child. I researched many facilities in the area and selected Kennedy Academy because of the high-quality preschool education program. My son is above and beyond ready to begin a new journey in his young life.”
-Ms. C. – Mother – (April 2015)

“We had a wonderful experience at Kennedy Academy.”
-Ms. F – Mother – (June 2015)

“I can’t stress enough how grateful I am for all of the staff at Kennedy Academy! They have shown my daughter nothing but love over the last couple of years, and helped shape her into the awesome little lady she has become!”
-Ms. N – Mother – (July 2015)

“Kennedy is the best school ever!”
-Ms. N – Mother – (June 2016)

“I just want to thank the school for teaching my daughter so much, and the teachers who dedicated their time in helping her learn & grow while we have been too busy to do so. Hands down a wonderful school as she will be highly prepped for her 1st year in elementary.”
-Mrs. A – Mother – (June 2016)

“Today my daughter has her Kennedy Academy graduation! She has grown so much in the last couple of years with them, and I’m very thankful for their dedication to all the kids!!”
-Ms. F – Mother – (June 2016)

“We LOVE Kennedy Academy and highly recommend them!!!”
-Mrs. T – Mother – (July 2016)

“I found out today that my daughter is going to be ahead of the game in kindergarten. This is because Kennedy Academy uses the same curriculum as her school!! This is great news considering she will have to be out of school periodically!! Thanks, Kennedy Academy for being so amazing!!”
-Ms. F – Mother – (August 2016)

“I have one of your former students in my classroom this year! I just have to say that I am extremely impressed with how much he came in knowing! I still teach as much Animated Literacy as possible and he is familiar with the characters. I just wanted to take time to say thank you for all that you have done. It sounds like you guys know what you are doing at Kennedy Academy. Your hard work is noticed and appreciated!”
-Mrs. J – Teacher – (September 2016) 

“My daughter still talks about Kennedy Academy, as she LOVED it! We also are very grateful for how well the school prepared her, and I praise Kennedy Academy every chance I get!”
-Ms. B – Parent – (January 2017)

“Today is my little baby’s last day at our beloved Kennedy Academy! It’s so bittersweet! I can’t express the level of gratefulness I have for the amazing teachers she’s had, the curriculum, and the entire school as a whole. She has learned so much and is beyond ready to tackle Kindergarten!! So thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for taking the best care of my baby (and my son too when he attended). We love Kennedy!”
-Mrs. S – Mother of 2 Kennedy Academy Students – (August 2018)