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You can now pay your tuition online through PayPal. There is a convenience fee to help cover charges incurred for online payments received. Please see convenience fee information listed below.

Please add a $5.00 convenience fee for one child or one-week tuition payment, or $10.00 convenience fee for two children or two-week tuition payment. If the convenience fee is not paid with the payment, it will be added to your tuition and due immediately. Thank you!


Tuition and Fees:
$145 per week for all ages (potty-trained)*
*Tuition will increase to $150 per week beginning August 1, 2019.
$160 per week for children that are potty-training

$50 enrollment fee (cash or money order only) – We do NOT accept checks or cards

$50 curriculum/supply fee due for ALL students on August 1, 2019 (cash or money order only) – We do NOT accept checks or cards.

$25 summer fee is due on the first Monday after graduation. This will be used for specially planned summer activities. A list of activities will be provided to parents each year.

Tuition is figured on a yearly basis.  After subtracting the days we are not in session, the base tuition is then divided into 52 equal weekly payments.  Therefore, tuition is the same amount every week, regardless of how many school days are in that week.  Due to the fact that we are not able to fill a spot for only one or two weeks, parents must pay their child care tuition whether their child is here or not, including vacations, holidays, etc.

Kennedy Academy has a very strict “No Pay/No Stay” policy.  This means if tuition is not paid on Monday, your child cannot stay on Tuesday.  There are absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.

Kennedy Academy has several payment choices available to parents.  The preferred method of payment is auto debit (ACH) from your bank account.  The next preferred payment method is cash or money order.  Kennedy Academy does not accept check, debit card, or credit card as a form of payment. If none of these payment methods will work for your family, please contact the office to make alternate arrangements.  Parents may choose whether to pay weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.  However, the payments are always due in advance and if you are a weekly or bi-weekly payer, the payments must be made on Monday morning.  Monthly payers must pay on the morning of the first school day of the month.  Tuition that is not paid on the day it is due will be assessed a $5 per day late fee payment.  Parents who consistently fail to pay their tuition on time risk losing their child’s position at the school.

If you choose to terminate your child’s enrollment at Kennedy Academy, we require a 30-day notice.  This 30 days allows us time to fill your child’s position at the school.  If you choose not to attend during the 30 days, you will still be financially responsible for the tuition during this time.

Yearly tax statements will be made for enrolled parents by the end of January each year.  Parents that are not currently enrolled can call and request a copy of their tax statement for the prior year.  Please be sure to hold on to your yearly tax statement once it is received.  There will be a $5 replacement fee to reissue the tax statement.

DCF Payments:
Kennedy Academy is contracted with the Department of Children and Family to accept tuition subsidy.  Parents who receive child care subsidy from DCF are required to pay their subsidy payment on the first day of attendance each month.  After we have received a confirmation number and amount of payment for your account, we will then divide the remaining balance to be paid by the parent each week for the remainder of the month.

We offer a military discount and sibling discount. Please see the office for further information.