***Super September***

Upcoming Events:  September 3- No School/ Labor Day

Student of the Month:  Caitlin Schone

Themes:              The Human Body- learning the outside and inside of our bodies

All About Me- a theme about learning who you are

Show and Tell:      Sept. 7- Something your favorite color

Sept. 14-A favorite toy

Sept. 21-A favorite animal (stuffed or plastic)


Language Arts:  This month we begin our curriculum.  We start our reading groups and get into our regular classroom routine.  The kids will be split into small groups to learn to work in a group, independently, and with me.  They will start slow with their letter sound review, moving into learning how to read.  Because kids learn at different paces, I group them according to ability (and change as needed), to help them learn at their own pace. 

Math:  Our math curriculum starts with learning to write and recognize the numbers 0-9.  They will also be learning about graphing, shapes, and money.  The curriculum starts simple and builds each month on top of what they learn. 

Science:  We are going to be learning about the body this month.  We learn about the visible body parts first and then begin to learn about what is inside our bodies.  The kids will explore the heart, lungs, brain, stomach, and intestines.  They will be learning the functions of each organ as well. 

Social Studies:  This month we are learning about ourselves.  For our All About Me theme, we are learning about what we like and don’t like.  We will be graphing our likes and differences.  This theme helps the kids learn about what makes them different, special, and important. 

**Please Note:  The weather is changing and some mornings are chilly.  We do still have to play outside each day.  So, it may be a good idea to send a jacket to school for the cooler parts of the day.  Thanks!

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