**Blustery NOVEMBER News**

Upcoming Events:            November 22-Thanksgiving/NO SCHOOL

                                            November 23- NO SCHOOL


Student of the Month:  Madison Rankin


Show and Tell:         November 2- Free Choice

                                  November 9- A Picture of your family

                                  November 16- Something Orange

                                 November 23- NO SCHOOL

                                 November 30- Something you are thankful for


Language Arts:  This month we are going to be working on “ck”, the short “o” sound, the “all” sound, and the short “e” sound.  We will continue spelling tests each week; however, we will not have a test the week of Thanksgiving.  We will also be pressing forward on our reading groups.  The kids have gotten used to groups and have been doing a great job.  They are always excited for them and know how they work now.  I am impressed with how quickly they got used to it.  We will be adding more writing into our groups, to practice with handwriting.


Math:  For math this month, we will continue our regular curriculum, but now that we have changed our schedule around a little bit, we will have more time to do hands on math.  The kids will be learning some fun math games that help them learn some math concepts.  Also, we are going to be doing a lot more adding.  We just started with addition, but it is possible that by December we will begin fast math.  Fast math is a fun math activity that tests how many addition problems the kids can do in 2 minutes.  Each year they really enjoy doing this and it’s fun to see how they advance through the year.


Science:  This month we are discussing animals and their habitats.  We will be learning about the types of animals that live in different areas of the world, including the jungle, desert, and flat lands.  They will be talking about the things that animals need to survive and thrive in the wild.


Social Studies:  This month we are focusing on family.  We will be talking about how much we love our families and how they differ from each other.  We will also be talking about the jobs in our families and how they also differ from each other.

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