***Fabulous February News***

Important Dates:  February 14- Valentines Day Party

February 18- NO SCHOOL

Student of the Month:  Arnav Chauhan

Show and Tell:         February 1- Something Kansas (wear your favorite Kansas sports apparel.)

February 8-  A Magnet

February 15-  Something Valentines related

February 22-  Community Helpers, something to represent a community helper

March 1- Free Choice

Language Arts:  This month we will be learning about the “ar”, “qu”, and “wh” sounds.  We are also going to learn the “er”, “ir”, and “ur” sound.  We will continue doing spelling tests and learning two new sight words each day.  You will also notice a “Sight Word Race” outside of my classroom.  This is designed for children to want to learn more sight words.  Each child is represented by a character and number (these numbers do NOT match their classroom number).  They move along the race track (numbers) by learning more sight words.  The more sight words they learn, the farther they go.  If you are interested in knowing your child’s number or character, just ask.  That way you can track their progress as well. 

Math:  We are really moving along in math.  This kids did very well on their testing, showing me that they are ready to do more difficult problems.  They are going to start doing double digit addition and adding money values.  We are also going to really be working on counting by fives. 

Science:  This month is magnet month!  We are going to be exploring magnet and how they work.  This kids will have the opportunity to play with magnets and to learn about how they work. 

Social Studies:  This month is community helper month.  We are going to be learning about different types of community helpers and how they work in the community.  We are also going to be learning about jobs and talking about what kind of job the kids would like to have when they grow up. 

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