***Magnificent March News***

Important Dates:                   March 11-14:  Testing

                                                March 13:   Happy Bear visits 9:00 am

                                               March 15:  Closed for Parent/Teacher Conferences

                                               March 17:  St. Patrick’s Day

                                              March 25-29: Scholastic Book Fair

                                              March 29:  Trike-A-Thon/Easter Celebration


Student of the Month:  Tieaya Wallace


 Show and Tell:    March 1 Free Choice

                               March 8-  A type of transportation

                              March 15- NO SCHOOL

                              March 22- Something Easter related

                            March 29-No Show and Tell

Language Arts:  We will be learning about double letters in words, such as middle and fiddle.  We will also be learning the “ow” sound and the long vowel “oa” spelling.  We have also started out daily language practice.  Each day the kids get practice writing with correct spelling, punctuation, and capitals.


Math:  This month we will continue working on place value.  The kids are getting very good at determining place value.  We will also be doing more addition.  The kids have been working on their “fast math” addition.  Some of the kids are already doing very well. 


Science:  This month we are going to be learning about our solar system.  The kids will be learning about the planets, their names and what they are composed of. 


Social Studies:  This month we are going to be talking about the different types of transportation.  We will be learning about all the different ways of getting from here to there.  We are also going to be learning about communication and the best ways of communicating. 

We will be learning about Easter as well this month.  We will be discussing the meaning behind why we celebrate Easter (i.e. the death and resurrection of Jesus).


ANOTHER NOTE:  Please remember as the weather changes, we HAVE to go outside and play if it is above 32 degrees outside.  Depending on the day, it could be very cold in the morning and then be much warmer in the afternoon.  Please make sure that you dress your child appropriately for all types of weather.  After all, we do live in Kansas… 

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