***Awesome April News***

Important Dates:  April 19- NO SCHOOL

Student of the Month:  Michael Shaw

Show and Tell:  April 5-  A Map

April 12-  Something Brown

April 19- NO SCHOOL

April 26-  Free Choice

Language Arts:    This month we are going to be learning some more difficult sounds.  We will be learning about long vowels e, a, and i.  We are also going to be learning about the long e sound spelled with y and soft sound c.  It is very important to really help your child study their spelling words this month.  The lists are going to be more difficult and they can use the extra study time at home. 

Math:  This month we are going to be continuing to do fast math.  The kids are all doing a great job and are really enjoying the competition.  We will also be continuing to work on place value, time, and money.  This month we are also going to start learning about subtraction. 

Science:  This month we are going to be doing our plant lesson.  We will be planting seeds and watching them grow.  The kids will be learning about how plants grow and they will be writing in a journal about what happens with their plants. 

Social Studies:  This month we will be focusing on maps.  We will be learning how to create, read, and follow a map.  We will be looking at maps of our classroom, state, country, and world.  This will also be the month that we will be learning about other states and learning to recognize what is in our own town. 


**Please note the weather each day.  Some days will be cold in the morning, but will warm up in the afternoon.  If you would like to leave a small jacket at school for days that are warm enough to not need a coat and cool enough for a jacket you can. 

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