March News

Quarter 3 Testing: March 11-14
Happy Bear: Wednesday, March 13
Closed Parent/Teacher Conferences: Friday, March 15
St. Patrick’s Day: Sunday, March 17
IN-SESSION: Monday, March 18-19 (Make-up Days for Snow Days)
Scholastic Book Fair: March 25-29 (Preschool Basement)
Trike-a-thon/Easter Celebration: March 29

Logan George – Logan is a great helper and very friendly!

March 4-8: Community Helpers 
March 11-15: Solar System 
March 19-22: Life Cycles
March 25-29: Easter

SHOW-N-TELL (Must be small enough to fit in their desk or book bag)
Friday, Feb 8: Free Choice
Friday, Feb 22: Free Choice
Friday, Feb 29: Free Choice

We will be working on the letters N, O, P, and Q for the month by recognizing and writing both upper and lower case letters. They will also learn to identify words that begin with the letter of the week. We will work on rhyming words and oral rhymes. The children will learn that stories have a beginning, a middle, and an end. The children will learn 20 new sight words. The lists will be given to the parents so the children can practice at home. And finally, we will continue to write our last names.

In E2, the children are learning to count backwards from 12 to 0, as well as count by 5s and count to 100. The children are learning to identify and know the value of a half dollar, quarter, dime, nickel, and penny with the $ and cent symbols. They are also learning to measure with a ruler, and are beginning to learn to write and identify two digit numbers and geometric shapes.

The children are going to learn about the Solar System by reading books, doing a variety of activities, and discussing it in class. They will also learn the life cycle of a butterfly through fun activities.

An important part of Science is learning to identify similiarities and differences in objects, so we will work closely on finding alike and difference in objects. And finally, we will discuss healthy foods and why it is important to our bodies to eat healthy.

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