***August Back to School News***

Important Dates:  August 2- NO SCHOOL


August 5-9- Testing Week (Placement testing is done this week to ensure that your children are placed in the class that best suits their individual needs.)

Student of the Month:  Landen Miller

          This is an exciting time of the year.  We get to start the school year fresh and new.  There are a few things that your child will need for school this year.  If you have not already provided them, please bring them to school ASAP. 

__Book bag filled with a fitted sheet and small blanket (pillow and stuffed animal are optional) All items must fit inside the bookbag. 

__Toothbrush and toothpaste

__A change of clothes (shorts, shirt, underwear, socks)


Language Arts:  The school year will start off with a lot of review.  We will be working on the kids knowing how to recognize all of the letters and the sounds that the letters make.  For the first month of school we will be devoting each day to one or two different letters.  Each day we will be doing activities that we help the kids learn how to recognize the letter and know the sound that it makes.  

Math:    For math, we will be starting very slowly with recognizing the numbers 1-10 and counting.  We will increase difficulty as the year goes on, learning to read all numbers to 100.  The kids will be learning to add and subtract, count by 5s, 10s, and 2s, and do fractions.

Science:               For science, in August we will be learning about the five senses.  The kids will be experiencing activities that help them recognize each of their senses. 

Social Studies: In August we are going to be learning about school/classroom rules and manners.  The kids will be getting used to their new class, teacher, and friends.  We will be learning about how to get along and how to behave in class. 

I am excited to get to know this new group of kids.  I have a great year planned for us and can’t wait to get started. 

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