***Super September News***

Important Dates:  Sept. 2- NO SCHOOL, Labor Day

Student of the Month:  Kael Harman

Show and Tell:  Sept. 6- free choice

Sept. 13- something blue

Sept. 20- a baby picture AND a current picture

Sept. 27- Hats!


Language Arts:  After the first week of September, we will be finished with our month of review.  By this time your child should be able to recognize most of the letters and letter sounds.  If they don’t know all of them, don’t worry, we will continue working on them as the year goes by.  But, we will start our spelling tests in September.  This is a time when the kids will begin putting letters together to form words and the more letters and sounds they know, the better.  We will also be starting our reading groups this month.  The kids will get even more individual lessons in reading.  They will start with simple words and expand as the year goes on. 

IMPORTANT:  Homework will also begin this month.  Each week your child will be bringing home a packet of homework on Monday.  They have the whole week to complete their homework and bring it back by Friday.  The packet will include several worksheets that will help them with learning 10 new sight words.  Learning sight words is essential to learning to read.  By knowing these words, it will help them to become better and faster readers.  Feel free to work on the worksheets at your own pace, but I recommend doing one worksheet a night to not overwhelm your child.  The goal is for your child to know all 10 sight words by the end of the week.  It may also help to make flash cards for your child to practice in the car or away from home.  The homework will also include the spelling list for the week.  Although we will be working on both spelling and sight words in class, it really helps when parents also help with learning them at home.  We will take a pretest on Thursday and if your child gets all of their words right, they will not have to take the test on Friday.  However, if they get any words wrong they will have another opportunity to take the test on Friday to get a better grade.  There may also be other assignments in the homework packet for other subjects.  If you spend just 15-20 minutes a night on homework, it shouldn’t be difficult to get through the homework packet. I appreciate your help with your child’s education. 

Math:  This month we will continue with our math curriculum, adding to what they have already learned.  They will also start more hands on activities to help them get more engaged in learning.  They will be working on addition, time, and money.  At this point they should be able to recognize the numbers 1-10, so we will be using those numbers to complete different math concepts. 

Science:  I am very excited about our science curriculum.  We are going to be learning about the human body this month.  We will start with learning the visible parts of the body, and then we will be learning about the organs and the different systems in the body.  This is always a fun unit to learn about.

Social Studies:  We are going to be starting our ALL ABOUT ME unit this month.  The kids will be focusing on themselves.  They will be doing activities to learn about themselves, including their appearance, likes, dislikes, and how each one of them is special in their own way.  This unit helps to show each child how important they are and how each one of them plays an important part in life. 

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