***October News***

Important Dates:  October 21-25:  Testing Week

October 28:  No School, Parent/Teacher Conferences

(Please check outside the classroom for the sign up sheet closer to the date.)

Student of the Month:  Laliana Turner

Show and Tell for October:

  October 4:  Something black

October 11:  Something to represent your favorite holiday

October 18:  A healthy snack

October 25:  Free choice

  November 1:  Something Halloween

Language Arts:  This month we are going to continue working on reading simple words, using the skills they are developing throughout the week.  They are going to be working in small groups to read stories at their own pace.  Please continue working on their homework.  The sight words that they are learning are going to really help them to be successful at reading.  Spelling tests will gradually get more difficult through the year.  Each test will have six words that focus on the concept for the week, two words to review from the previous week, and two sight words.  When I give the spelling tests, I sound out all of the words, except the sight words.  Please check your child’s folder each Thursday to see if they missed any words.  If they did, they can study and retake the test on Friday to get a better score. 

Math:  We will continue working on recognizing numbers 1-100.  Recognizing all the numbers will help with the other concepts we are learning.  The kids are going to be learning about adding, money, and telling time.  We work on these concepts every day.  A great way to help your child with money identification is to let them keep the change that they can identify.  Kids really like getting money and if you let them identify your loose change and keep the ones they know, they will be more excited to learn the coins.  Once they can identify the coin and the amount of the coin, encourage them to add up the coin amounts.

Science:  This month we are doing our health unit.  We are going to be learning about healthy foods, staying active, and taking care of our bodies.  We are going to be doing a lot of activities to promote being healthy.  The kids will be learning about healthy snacks, brushing their teeth, and protecting themselves from germs.

Social Studies:  This month we are going to be focusing on learning the months of the year.  We will also be talking about the holidays and how each family celebrates each holiday. 

Important Notes:

With the changing weather, please be sure to send a jacket to school.  Sometimes it is very chilly in the mornings. 

Please remember that the books that your child gets from the adventuremobile can go home over the weekend, but MUST be returned on Monday and kept at school for the week.  Thank you.

Also, please do not take home anything from the red hanging pockets inside the classroom.  Anything that needs to go home will be either in their folder or on their desk.  If something needs to go home besides what is in the folder, I will let your child know and I will leave a note about it (either in their folder or on the white board outside my classroom.)

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