Awesome April

Scholastic Book Fair  April 14 – 18
STUDENT OF THE MONTH – Nikhil is hard working, helpful, funny and loves listening to Alan Jackson.

THEMES – Plants, Easter, Transportation, Communications

SHOW-N-TELL – (Must be small enough to fit in their desk or book bag)  No weapons.  I have a dry erase board on my door with weekly themes.  Children may pick a show-n-tell from the list.

LANGUAGE ART – We will be identifying our upper and lower case letters Yy and Zz, as well as learning how to write the letters independently while learning what the letter sounds are and learning words that start with those letters.  Locating and identifying periods, exclamation marks.  We will practice our opposite words.  We will isolate sounds in words.  We will have four new sight words each week.  Sight words will be posted on chalkboard and dry erase board.

MATH – We will count to 100 by 1′s and 5’s.  Number recognition 1 – 100.  Oval – identify and draw.  Counting objects using one to one correspondence.  Money/Coins – Identify and know value of nickel, dime, and quarter.  Writing numbers 1 – 100.  We will learn the differences between more, less and same  

SCIENCE – The life cycles of butterflies.  The difference between a liquid and a solid.  What are healthy and unhealthy foods. What organisms need to live. 

SOCIAL STUDIES – The meaning of Easter.  The different types of transportation, How we are able to communicate now and in the past.

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Hello! My name is Marissa Valdez. I have been with Kennedy Academy since 2012. I have 14 years of experience in the early childhood field. I enjoy working with young children and look forward to teaching the students in the E2 classroom!