Important Dates:  May 26- No School, Memorial Day

Student of the Month:  Hunter Kennedy

Language Arts:  This month we are going to be learning about the “ow” sound.  They are also going to be learning about the letter Y that makes the long I sound.  They will be learning the long vowel o sound as well.  Please help them by practicing these sounds with them at home. 

Math:  For math this month we are going to continue working on time.  The kids have been learning to tell time by the hour, but will now be learning to tell time by the minute.  They are also going to start learning about fractions.  This is always a fun subject because they get to talk about pieces of a pie or a pizza.

Science:  This month we are learning about weather and seasons.  We are going to be talking about the different seasons and how the weather changes with each season.  We are also going to be talking about the different types of natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and volcanoes.  The kids really enjoy this unit.  They will be practicing weather procedures, such as tornado drills.  Take a few minutes at home to discuss with your child what they would do at home if there was a tornado. 

This month is also our insect unit.  We will be learning about the parts of a bug and how many legs insects have.  We will also be getting caterpillars to watch as they change into butterflies.  This is always very exciting to watch. 

Social Studies:  This month is Mother’s Day so we are going to be talking about our moms and what makes them special.  We will also be doing a project for the moms for Mother’s Day.

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