Joyful June

     June 18 – Ice Cream Party (class completed learning 20+ sight words)
     June 25 – Boomer Bear
STUDENT OF THE MONTH – Desiree’ is witty, clever, smart and funny.  She loves to sing and dance.

THEMES – Dads, Bible (Moses, Joshua, Samson, Ruth, David and Goliath)

SHOW-N-TELL – (Must be small enough to fit in their desk or book bag)  No weapons.  I have a dry erase board on my door with weekly themes.  Children may pick a show-n-tell from the list.

LANGUAGE ARTS – Sight Words – Recognition.  Sounding out words.  Searching for sight words in books.  Writing weekly sight words. Word Recognition test every Wednesday.

MATH – Counting by 2’s and 5’s.  We will learn to count in Spanish.  Counting money and fast math(addition and subtraction).

SCIENCE – Fruits and Vegetables and where they come from.  Fruits and Vegetables in Spanish.  Our five senses.  What animals eat.  Animals in Spanish. Body Parts in Spanish.

SOCIAL STUDIES – Memorizing our phone numbers.  Learning about upcoming holidays.  Problems and solutions.  Asking and answering.  

Sight Words

had, on, do, as, am, more, me, see, he, does, go, of, off, or, at, be, yes, saw, went, it, us, in, if, the, you, she, we, but, for, no, I, is, so, and, to, with, put, big

                                                 June 2-6 her, by, where, was, why                                                                                          June 9-13 not, who, than, up, boy                                                                                            June 16 -20 his, are, which, how                                                                                              June 23-27 what, an, him, when

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Hello! My name is Marissa Valdez. I have been with Kennedy Academy since 2012. I have 14 years of experience in the early childhood field. I enjoy working with young children and look forward to teaching the students in the E2 classroom!