***August News***

Important Dates:  Aug. 1- No School (Teacher Work Day)

      Aug. 11-15- Testing Week (Placement testing, to determine if all kids are placed in the appropriate classrooms.)

Please have all school supplies at the school by August 4th.  Thank you. 

Student of the Month:  Lily Welch

Show and Tell:      Aug. 8- Free Choice

Aug. 15- Something you can hear

Aug. 22- Something you can smell

  Aug. 29- Something you can taste

Language Arts:  During the month of August we are going to be doing a lot of review.  This month is foundation building.  The kids will review the letters and letter sounds.  This gives them the skills necessary for reading later.  They will need to know most letters and sounds by mid September, because at the end of September we will be starting spelling lists and guided reading.  This month you can help your child get a head start by reviewing the letters and sounds with them at home as well.  We will also be working on writing letters. 

Math:  In August we are going to be starting our numbers unit.  We will be learning to count to 100.  We start slowly, but by the 100th day of school all of the kids should be able to count to 100.  Each day we are going to be adding a number to our counting.  So, on the 5th day of school we count to five, on the 10th day of school we count to 10 and so on.  We are also going to be learning about money right away as well.  Each day we add a penny to our chart, until we can exchange for a nickel and so on.  We also start right away with place value, learning about the ones place. 

Science:  In August we learn about the five senses.  The kids spend time talking about what they can see, hear, touch, smell, and taste.  They will also be doing activities that help them focus on each sense.  This unit is really fun because they get to do numerous activities that help them learn about each sense. 

Social Studies:  This month in my class we focus on rules and manners.  The kids are going to learn about the class schedule and what is expected from them each day.  They will be learning about classroom rules and school rules.  They will also be learning about my discipline policy. 

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