***November News***

Important Dates:             Nov. 7-  Preschool Partner Read (The Eensy Weensy Spider)

   Nov. 10 Furs, Feathers, Scales, and Tales Connection Program

    Nov. 14Adventuremobile

  Nov. 19- Boomer Visits for the Library

        Nov. 21-  Preschool Partner Read (Jack and Jill)

  Nov. 27-28- NO SCHOOL, Thanksgiving

Student of the Month:  Srika Surey

Show and Tell:  Nov. 7-  An Animal (Please talk with teacher before bringing any real animals.)

  Nov. 14- Something Black

Nov. 21-  Free Choice

Language Arts:  This month we are learning about the short o sound, the “all” sound, and the short e sound.  The students will be continuing spelling, reading, and writing.  Our class books include a rewrite of Oh a Hunting We Will Go, The Wheels on the Bus, and Old MacDonald Had a Farm.    

Math:  We are going to focus on counting by 1s and 5s to 100 this month.  We are also going to be talking about number order and the tens group.  We are going to be doing much more addition this month, preparing the students for fast math. 

Science:  We are going to be talking about animals this month.  We will be learning about wild animals, zoo animals, as well as pets.  We will be classifying animals and leaning about their habitats. 

Social Studies:  We are going to be focusing on families this month.  The class will be learning about differences in families and different traditions that families have.  We will be talking about who is in our family and how we are related.  This month will also be themed for Thanksgiving.  We are going to be learning about the first thanksgiving and who was involved in that.  We are going to be learning about different traditions that each family has for thanksgiving.

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