***January News***

Important Dates: January 1- NO SCHOOL
January 5-9- Testing Week
January 15- Kansas Connections Program (All About Kansas)
January 16- Adventuremobile
January 21- Boomer Visits
January 30- Adventuremobile

Student of the Month: Audie Hollis
Show and Tell Schedule:
January 2- Free Choice
January 9- Free Choice
January 16- Something that floats
January 23- Something KANSAS
January 30- Something purple

Language Arts: We are going to be learning the “or” sound, the “sh” sound, and the “ch” sound this month. As we start putting letters together to make sounds the tests get harder and it is important that these skills are reinforced at home. The students are doing very well with individual letter sounds, but putting them together can often cause confusion. We will be talking about it a lot at school, but any help they can get at home will really help them understand.
Math: The class is really doing well with math. The students are really starting to grasp addition. Depending on how well the class does on testing, we may begin FAST MATH this month. Fast math is basically a timed addition sheet. They get two minutes to complete as many simple addition problems as they can. This is always a fun and challenging activity for the students. They really strive to get the most problems right. This month also marks our 100 days of school. So, we are going to be doing multiple counting to 100 activities.
Science: This month is all about air, water, and soil. We are going to be talking about the properties of water, how it changes its form. We are also going to be talking about sink/float. The students will be experimenting with different objects to see if they sink or float.
Social Studies: This month is Kansas’s birthday. We are going to be learning all about our state. We will be talking about our state bird, mammal, insect, tree, etc. We will be doing activities to reinforce their knowledge of our state. We are also going to be talking about some important people in history who helped change our country.

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