***February News***

Important Dates: Feb. 4-Happy Bear
Feb. 6- Partner Read
Feb. 13- Valentines Party
Feb. 16- NO SCHOOL
Feb. 18- Boomer Visits
Feb. 20- Partner Read
Feb. 24- Gillham Dental Presentation
Feb. 27- Adventuremobile

Student of the Month- Nikhil Patel

Show and Tell Schedule: Feb. 6- a machine
Feb. 13- something with wheels
Feb. 20- free choice
Feb. 27- something pink

Language Arts: This month we are going to be learning the sounds “ar”, “qu”, and “wh”. We are also going to be learning “er”, “ir”, and “ur.” The test with those sounds will be a particularly difficult one. Please take the time to help your child study those words at home.
Most weeks we make a little book in the class that we read together as a group. When those books come home, please encourage your child to read that book with you. They should be able to read most of the words in the book. It’s a great way to keep up with your child’s reading progress.

Math: This month we are going to be doing more graphing. We are also going to be working on telling time. The students will learn how to tell time on both a digital and analog clock. When I tested over addition I found that about half of the class was able to add easily, but the other half of the class was not. So, this month we are going to do a lot of practice to get everyone prepared for fast math. We are also going to be doing addition with money. Most of the class has mastered the coin names and values, so now we are going to work on learning how to add and count money.

Science: This month is all about machines and magnets. We are going to be learning about the different types of machines, including pullys, wheels/axels, and inclined planes. This month is usually very fun because the students get to build and create machines, as well as find them around the room.

Social Studies: This month is all about maps! We will be making maps, following maps, learning about directions. We will also be playing games where the students have to use a map to find things around the room. We will also be learning about maps of the United States and of our earth.

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