May The Force Be With You

Yoga Monday

Bible Tuesday

PBS Wednesday

Travel Thursday

Fun Day Friday – Show & Tell


Show and Tell Schedule:

May 8 – favorite sport

May 15 – favorite flower

May 22 – picture of family

May 29 – Free Choice


 Upcoming Events: 

Lifetouch School Pictures  

May 11th (PRESCHOOL)  

May 12th (ELEMENTARY & Graduates)

May 25th NO SCHOOL (Memorial Day)


STUDENT OF THE MONTH – Juliet is helpful, friendly and a good worker.  She enjoys playing dress-up and writing/drawing on the chalkboard.


Mothers, Weather, Families, Seasons



May 5 – Lions and Angels

May 12 – A Fishy Trip

May 19 – Queen Esther’s Courage

May 26 – Music for the Heart

LANGUAGE ARTS – Sight word list below. Please help them practice their sight words at home as well. The more sight words they can read the faster and more fluent readers they become. We will read and write each sight word. We will continue to isolate sounds in words and learn how to finger space when writing our names and sentences.  We have reached a 100+ sight words for the year.  For the rest of the year we will be reviewing what we have already learned.  Identifying words that begin with specific letters.

MATH – Number recognition 1 – 100. We will write numbers 1 – 100 in order. We will be counting 1 to 100. Pentagon is the shape of the month.Green is the color of the month. We will continue our Fast Math Addition. We will discuss coins and learn to identify and know the value of each coin. We will be skip counting by 10’s and 5’s.  Continuing to learn terms next and last. We will continue using number lines.  

SCIENCE – Understanding what organisms need to live.  Observing life cycles of different things.  Examining the parts of living things.  

SOCIAL STUDIES –  What are the four seasons?  How weather changes from season to season. What are the major holidays? Customs and traditions.  We will continue to practice our phone numbers.  Exploring jobs in the family.  Identifying ways to improve the environment.

Sight Word/Reading and Writing

Week 1 –
Week 2 –
Week 3 – 
Week 4 – 
Letters of the Week – Reading/Writing/Letter Sounds

Week 1 – sw
Week 2 – th
Week 3 – tr
Week 4 – 

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