See You in September

Yoga Monday

Bible Tuesday

PBS Wednesday

Travel Thursday

Fun Day Friday – Show & Tell


Show and Tell Schedule:  

Must begin with T or F

Must begin with R or M

Must begin with B or E

Must begin with L or D

 Upcoming Events:

  • September 4: Little Caesars Fall Fundraiser Begins
  • September 7: NO SCHOOL – Labor Day


STUDENT OF THE MONTH – Gracelyn loves to draw, color, and create masterpieces at school.


My Human Body, 5 Senses, Nutrition



Noah Makes a Big Boat, A Promise for Abraham, A Time to Say Thank You, Jacob Sees a Ladder

LANGUAGE ARTS – Sight word list below. Please help them practice their sight words at home as well. The more sight words they can read the faster and more fluent readers they will become.  Letter recognition for both uppercase and lowercase letters.  We are practicing writing our names both first and last.  Letter recognition and letter sounds.  We will be learning two letters each week.  No sight words will be given at this time.

MATH – Count movements with one-to-one correspondence.  Verbally count in sequence.  Rhythmic Movement.  Terms to use:  more, less, how many, cover, fill, all, some

SCIENCE –  Body parts in Spanish and English.  They learn their internal and external body parts.  5 senses.  Nutrition.  Food Pyramid.  Healthy and unhealthy foods.

SOCIAL STUDIES –  Days of the Week. Months of the Year.  Whose who at Kennedy Academy.  Age and birthday.

Sight Word/Reading and Writing

Week 1 – 
Week 2 –
Week 3 – 
Week 4 – 
Letters of the Week – Reading/Writing/Letter Sounds

Week 1 – T/F
Week 2 – R/M
Week 3 – B/E
Week 4 – L/D

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