***Dashing into December***

Upcoming Dates:  December 7-  Kansas Connections:  Storybook Adventure (hosted by the TSCPL) at 9:00am

December 10-  Adventuremobile at 2:45pm

     December 10-  Christmas Program at the VA Theater at 6:45pm  (Please ask me what to have your child wear.) Arrive by 6:30pm please.

    December 16-  Boomer visits from the TSCPL

December 23-  Classroom Christmas Party and Book Exchange  (please bring a gender neutral book wrapped and labeled with who it is from)

December 24-January 1- NO SCHOOL, Winter Vacation

Student of the Month-  Noah W.


Dec. 4- A Dinosaur

Dec. 11- Free Choice

Dec. 18- Something Christmas


Language Arts-  We are going to be spending a lot of time in December focusing on writing.  The class is doing a great job with their weekly spelling tests and are improving on their sight word recognition.  Their reading skills are in full bloom.  We are going to use December to enhance our writing skills.  The kids will be learning about the writing process and using their skills to develop their writing abilities.   There will not be homework for the weeks of December 7-11, December 14-18, or December 21-23.  There will be a homework packet that goes home on December 23 that will be due the next Friday we are open (Jan. 8). 

Math-  This month we are going to be working on adding 3 numbers, graphing, and being able to do addition more quickly.  We are going to be starting our fast math.  This is a fun activity that allows students to do addition as quickly as they can. 

Science-  During December we are going to be learning about dinosaurs.  This is one of my personal favorite themes.  During December the magic of Christmas “brings the dinosaurs to life.”  They are often found in the morning getting into trouble around the classroom.  This is a very special time of the year when its exciting to see children’s imagination at work.

Social Studies-  We are going to be learning about Christmas this month.  We will be talking about the history of Christmas and the true meaning behind Christmas.  We will be reading the story of baby Jesus. 

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