Important Dates: 

  • 2/12- Valentines Party 3pm, 
  • 2/15- No school/ Teacher In-Service
Student of the Month: 
    Karmela: She enjoys watching Peppa Pig and Ninja Turtles. Her favorite foods are chicken and corn. Her favorite animal is a dog. At school she enjoys eating the food.
Themes of the Month: Shape is Heart and Color is Pink
  • Feb. 1- Feb. 5 – Machines and Magnets ( Letter Dd and # 3 )
  • Feb. 8 –  Feb. 12- Valentines Day ( Letter Ee and # 4)
  • Feb. 15th – Feb. 19- Animals ( Letter Ff, Gg and # 5)
  • Feb. 22 – Feb. 26- Animals ( Letter Hh, Ii and # 6)
Language Arts: We will be working on the letters of the week. Recognizing and writing the upper and lower case letters. I will also be introducing their last names. We will focus on spelling and writing them.
Math: In math we will reintroduce numbers 3-6. Our focus will be counting, reading and writing these numbers. We will discuss the relationship between two groups as which are more and which are less.
Science: This month we are learning about machines and magnets.  We are also doing a lesson on animals.  This is a two week lesson in which the kids will be learning about the different types of animals, as well as where they live.  They will be learning about animals at home, at the zoo, on a farm, and in the wild. 

Show and Tell: (toys must fit in each students backpack and no toys that look like a weapon)

  • Feb. 5- Object starting with the letter D
  • Feb. 12- No show and tell
  • Feb. 19- Object starting with the letter F or G
  • Feb. 26- Object starting with the letter H or I