P1 School Supply List

Student of the month: This month I am going to be doing myself, this gives the new parents an opportunity to get to know who I am.

Important Dates:

  • August 5: NO SCHOOL, we will be closed for the day but we will have a new event called MEET THE TEACHER from 11  am to 1 pm. This is the time to come find out where your students are going to be and to bring in their bookbags before the first day of school. Also if any paperwork need to be done or you need your keycard this would be a great time to do so. For more information call Mrs. Kandice or Mrs. Chelsie.
  • August 8-12: This is placement testing week. This may be where your child may be moved to another class depending on their testing. If any changes to their classrooms are made you will be notified before Monday.



Rules & Manners

All About Me

The alphabet is reviewed daily in circle time. Each week we focus on one letter. Starting the week of Rules & Manners, we will focus on Letter A; and the week of All About Me, we will focus on Letter B.



In our class this month, we will begin to review our shapes and colors each week. For number recognition, we are currently reviewing our numbers 1 through 10 with hands on craft activities, review them in circle time, and throughout the day with stories and other activities.


We read stories about our themes, which includes playing nicely with our friends and talking politely. We will be doing activities such as a class scavenger hunt to understand where different centers and stations are in the class, as well as fun games to learn rules and manners.

This is a time for the children to bring something from home that they want to show their friends; ideas include favorite toy, favorite book, a souvenir from a special trip, and so much more! This will be each Friday unless otherwise stated. During show-n-tell the students will learn to sit with their friends and discuss their special item!

I want to personally welcome all the new students to Kennedy if your in my class or one of the others. It will be great getting to know each one of them individually and as a class. I cant wait to see the growth of each student. 

Ms. Tabitha