***August News***

E4 School Supply List

Important Dates:  Aug 5- No School  (Meet and Greet the Teacher 11 am-1 pm, bring in school supplies too!)

Aug 8-12- Testing Week

Aug 16- Peer Modeling

Aug 17- Boomer Visits

Student of the Month- Arin

Show and Tell:  Aug 5- NO SCHOOL

Aug 12- Free Choice

Aug 19- A favorite toy

Aug 26- A current (within last year) picture of self

Language Arts:  We are going to start our year off with review of all the letters and letter sounds.  The students will be reviewing:

Aug 15-19- M, S, R

Aug 22-26- T, P, C, A, N, D, G, F

Aug 29- Sept 2- I, L, H, B, K, W, X, V, J

Knowing the letters and letter sounds sets the foundation for the rest of the year.  For some students this is a good refresher, for others it helps them learn a few sounds they may not know already.  Whether the student knows all the letters and sounds or not , these first few weeks really set the tone for the rest of the year.  

Math:  Like language arts, we start the year with a little review of basic math concepts.  The students will be counting, working with shapes and colors.  After this month we will be diving deeper into math concepts like addition, money, and time.

Science/Social Studies:  In August we focus on learning the classroom rules and manners.  This is also a time for learning about each other.  The students will also be learning about theirselves and what they like.  This is a time for the students to get to know each other and also for me to learn the new class.  

***Please return the student information sheet for my class within the first week of school.  You will then recieve a text from me inviting you to add me as a contact for the school.  It is very important for you to accept these messages, as they will keep you informed of everything going on in my classroom.  You will recieve show and tell reminders, as well as other important class information.  Thank you.  

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My name is Jessica Wilson. I have been working here at Kennedy Academy since 2006. I am the kindergarten teacher in the E4 classroom. I have my bachelors degree in elementary education from Emporia State University. I also have three children of my own. I enjoy teaching and find joy in seeing children grow and learn to their fullest potential.