Goodbye July, Hello AUGUST

E2 School Supply List

  • Yoga Monday
  • Bible Tuesday
  • PBS Wednesday
  • GoNoodle Thursday
  • Fun Day Friday

Show and Tell Schedule:  (NO WEAPONS)

  • 8/5 – Free Choice
  • 8/12 Free Choice
  • 8/19 Free Choice
  • 8/26 Free Choice

Upcoming Events:

  • August 5: NO SCHOOL – Meet the Teacher Event 11 am – 1 pm 
    • Parents and students are invited to come meet their teacher, bring their backpacks, bedding, kleenexes, etc. before the first day of school on Monday, August 8th. This will be a good time to get to know the teacher, learn where your child’s classroom is, make sure all paperwork is complete, and pick up your key cards. You are welcome to attend any time between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm. Call for more details.
  • August 8: First Day of School
  • August 8 – 12: Placement Testing
  • August 15: Placement in permanent classroom for 1st Quarter

STUDENT OF THE MONTH – Alec is kind, helpful, and loves Hockey.  He loves to build and create wonderful art.


  • Transition from Summer Program
  • Placement Testing
  • Rules and Manners
  • All About Me


  • Making Our World
  • God Fills the World
  • Adam and Eve
  • Forbidden Fruit

LANGUAGE ARTS – Letter Recognition.  Letter Sounds.  Uppercase/Lowercase matching.  Spelling and writing first name.

MATH – Alike and different.  Counting 1 to 10 in English and Spanish.

SCIENCE – Weather.  Things in the sky.

SOCIAL STUDIES – Days of the Week.  Months of the Year.  Whose who at school?.  
Letters of the Week – Reading/Writing/Letter Sounds

Week 1 –
Week 2 –
Week 3 –
Week 4 –

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Hello! My name is Marissa Valdez. I have been with Kennedy Academy since 2012. I have 14 years of experience in the early childhood field. I enjoy working with young children and look forward to teaching the students in the E2 classroom!