P1 November

Special Dates:

  • November 15th: Storytime with Ms. Jessica’s E4 Class ( We do art, hands-on activity, and listen to a story read by her class.)
  • November 24-25- NO SCHOOL (Thanksgiving Break)

Student Of The Month :    Dilen


  • November 1-4: Diversity Week
  • November 7-11th: Family Week
  • November 14th- 18th: Thanksgiving
  • November 21st – 25th: Thanksgiving
  • November 28th- 30th: Dinosaur Week

Show and tell and share day: EVERY FRIDAY

Language Arts:

This month we will be working on letters J,K, L and M. We will be tracing the letters, doing an art project to teach them words that go with each letter and doing letter recognition. Our three day week will be reviewing the letters we have been working on up to that week. 


This month we will be working on numbers 10, 11,12, and 13. We will talk about objects like give me one, give me two, and so on. We will also learn to trace these numbers but not until the end of the year. Right now we are focusing on counting and recognition. Our three day week we will be reviewing the numbers we have been working on up to that week.

Science and Social Studies:

This month we will be learning about diversity and how we all look and believe differently. One week we will be learning about our different types of families and how they also look different. We will still be continuing to work on manners and  classroom rules.