***Welcome to 2017***

E4 Wish List: CLICK HERE

Important Dates:  Jan. 1- Happy New Year!

     Jan. 9-13- 2nd Quarter Testing

  • Monday 1/9: Neon Day 
  • Tuesday 1/10: Western Day
  • Wednesday 1/11: Workout Day (Exercise Clothes)
  • Thursday 1/12: Circle of Life Day (Dress Young or Old or anything in between)
  • Friday 1/13: PJ Day

 Jan. 16- MLK Day

     Jan. 17- Peer Modeling

     Jan. 18- Boomer Visits

     Jan. 30- Adventuremobile Comes

Student of the Month- 

Show and Tell Schedule:     Jan. 6-  A Fairy Tale

     Jan. 13-  Free Choice

     Jan. 20- something Kansas

     Jan. 27- Free Choice

Language Arts-  This month we are getting right back into learning after our hectic holiday schedule.  We are starting off the month learning the “ch” sound.  We will also be reading and even writing our own fairy tales.  The second week we are back is testing week, so we will be testing on all of the skills that we have been learning.  The rest of the month we will be learning about the “ar” sound and the “qu” and “wh” sounds.  The end of the month will be one of our hardest lessons in language arts, which is the “er”, “ir” and “ur” lesson.  This one typically is difficult for the class, so I will be doing mini lessons over it all month long, with our biggest focus at the end of the month.

Math-  The class is really improving on the math skills.  This month we are going to be focusing a lot more on addition.  We are going to be continuing in our math workbooks learning and practicing different math strategies.  We are also going to be playing some new math games to help quicken our math facts and understanding.

Science/Social Studies-  This month we are going to be learning about famous Americans and the role they have played in our government, such as MLK, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln.  We will also be talking about the african americans that helped to change the laws in our country.  

This month is also Kansas’ Birthday.  We will be doing a two week lesson on Kansas, in which we learn all about our state.  We will be learning about the state bird, tree, mammal, etc.  Then on Friday January 27 we will be having a birthday party to celebrate our state.  Kansas’ birthday is January 29th.

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