• Yoga Monday
  • Bible Tuesday
  • PBS Wednesday
  • GoNoodle Thursday
  • Fun Day Friday (Show and Tell)

Show and Tell Schedule:  (NO WEAPONS)

  • February 3 – Free choice
  • February 10 – Free choice
  • February 17 – Free choice
  • February 24 – Free choice


STUDENT OF THE MONTH – Luv is funny and friendly.  He likes to build, draw and dance.


  • Machines and Magnets
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Animals
  • Animals


  • Mountaintop Message
  • Four Good Friends
  • A Rejoicing Mother
  • Be Still!

 LANGUAGE ARTS – Please help them practice their sight words at home as well. The more sight words they can read the faster and more fluent readers they will become.  Letter recognition both upper and lower case letters.  Tracing, writing and reading sight words.  Letter Sounds.  Locating periods and question marks.  Oral rhyming.  Beginning and ending sounds.  Spelling first name.

MATH – Addition.  Number Recognition 1 through 50.  Counting 1 to 100.   Identifying money and knowing the value of a penny, nickel, dime and quarter.  Writing from 1 to 40 in a number line.  Subtraction.  Shapes and counting backwards from 10.  More, less, and same.  Patterns

SCIENCE – Weather and Seasons.  Left and Right.

SOCIAL STUDIES – Days of the Week.  Months of the Year.  Age and birthday.

Letters of the Week – Reading/Writing/Letter Sounds

Week 1 – see, she, off, his
Week 2 – had, but, are, the
Week 3 – her, why, who, was
Week 4 – boy, yes, saw, how

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