***May Has Arrived***

Important Dates:  May 1- Adventuremobile

May 14- Mothers Day

May 15-19- Junior Achievement

May 17-  Boomer Visits

May 29- No School/Memorial Day

Student of the Month Camden

Show and Tell Schedule:

May 5- an insect

May 12- a picture of mom

May 19- an ocean item

May 26- free choice

Language Arts:  This month we are wrapping up our spelling lessons.  We will learn about using y as vowel i, in words like “my, try, and by.”  We are also going to be learning about long vowel o.  Our last spelling test will be on May 11.  There will also be no more homework after that week.  Yay!  We will continue doing activities in class to help with writing and reading, but no more spelling for the year. 

Math:  We are finishing up our math books.  This will continue with lessons about shapes and fractions.  We will also be working on addition speed.  Time and money will also be a focus this month.

Science:  This month we are learning about insects.  We are going to be talking about their bodies, what they do and where they live. 

We are also going to have our ocean lesson this month.  We will be talking about ocean life and the types of plants and animals that live in the ocean. 

This month we are also learning about the four elements: fire, air, water, and earth. 

Social Studies:  This month is all about Mom.  We are going to be learning about our moms and discussing what makes all of our mom’s special. 

We will also be doing our nursery rhyme lesson in which we learn all about rhyming and have fun with nursery rhymes. 



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